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Advice From a Teacher: How Can I Help My Child If They Fail Their Mock Exams?

If your child has failed their mock exams and is feeling overwhelmed, here's some advice from a teacher on how to support them the right way.

What Are Mock Exams and Why Are They Important?

With exam season fast approaching it’s key that your child gets things right in their mock exams. Let us guide you through this all important step.

How can parents encourage their daughters' interest in STEM subjects?

Want to help your daughter to explore her passion for science? Here are some ways to encourage her interest in STEM subjects.

Children’s Mental Health Week: Encourage Your Child to Connect With Others

Children’s mental health is a key focus for many of us. Here is our guide to the things you need to know about Children’s Mental Health Week…

GoStudent and Seneca Study Highlights

Students who took part in the GoStudent and Seneca learning progress pilot increased performance by 23%, thanks to personalised online tutoring and an interactive learning environment.

Parent Mental Health Day: Tips to Protect Your Own Mental Health

If you're a parent, it's important not to forget to prioritise your own mental health. Here are some tips to help you protect your mind.

What To Ask At Parents' Evening: Find Out About Our Top Tips Now

When it comes to parents’ evening, preparation is key. Make informed questions with new information.

The Best Secondary Schools in Edinburgh: A Helpful Guide

A helpful guide to the best secondary schools in Edinburgh, including how schools are ranked, Scottish league tables, and a list of the top schools.

​​Best Secondary Schools in Manchester

Want to know which are the top schools in your area? Find out with our comprehensive guide of the best secondary schools in Manchester 2022…

Teaching Your Children How to Invest Their Money

Investing, if done well, can generate greater returns than money sitting in a bank account. Check out our top investing tips for kids right here.

The Best Secondary Schools in Cardiff: An Up-to-date Guide

Choosing the best secondary school for your child can feel like a big task. We’ve put together all the key info for the best secondary schools in Cardiff.

School catchment areas: Can you apply for schools outside of your catchment area?

Find out what you need to know about school catchment areas and out of catchment area school applications for primary and secondary school.

Our Top 5 Homework Tips for Parents

There are several steps you can take to help your kids have a more positive outlook on homework. From healthy snacks to study plans, this is how you can support your kids and help them get through their homework quicker and easier.

Primary School League Tables: What Are They and Are They Useful?

As you start planning your child’s first step into education, you’ll want all the info you can get. Here’s our quick guide to primary school league tables.

Scotland School Holiday and Term Dates 2022

For parents, staying on top of when your child needs to be in school is key. Here’s our guide to term dates and school holidays for each of the 32 council areas in Scotland.

What Are the Best Christmas Money Saving Tips?

Trying to think of the best Christmas money saving tips? No need to break the bank this holiday season. Find out how to stick to your budget right here.

Northern Ireland School Holiday and Term Dates 2022/23

Are you planning for the school year ahead? Check out our guide to Northern Ireland term dates and school holidays to make sure you’re on top of the important dates.

Get Your Diaries Out - Here Are the English School Term Dates 2022 and 2023

Get your diaries, calendars, and smartphones at the ready, here is a guide to the English school term and holiday dates for 2022/2023

Welsh School Holidays and Term Dates

If you need to know this year’s Welsh school holidays and Welsh school term dates, look no further. We’ve put it all in one place to keep you up to date.

UK Black History Month: Listening, Remembering, and Celebrating

Find out about UK Black History Month themes, celebrations, and events this year. Our guide is just a starting point to connect with British black heritage and culture.

What Are Open Evenings? How To Get the Most Out of Them

Do you have open evenings coming up? Find out how to get the most out of them as a parent. Our guide gives you all the tips.

Sleep Hygiene Tips for Parents: Ensure Kids Get a Restful Night

Discover how your kids can have better rest. Our sleep hygiene guide helps parents better understand their child's bedtime needs

Study Skills for Secondary School: Success for Teens

Find out what the top study skills are for teens. Our guide tells you what your child needs to stay organised and succeed in secondary and high school.

Study Skills for Primary School: Set Your Child Up for Success

Find out what the top study skills are for children in primary school. Our guide tells you what your child needs to master before secondary school

Options for Kids After School: Clubs, Teams, Activities

Find the best for kids after school: clubs, classes, teams, activities, and tutoring. This guide covers the main options so you can pick the right one

Kids Food: Help Your Child Eat Healthy

Kids food choices can be overwhelming nowadays. Find out how to encourage your child to eat more healthily thanks to our tips

Unauthorized Absence from School: Impact On Your Child?

Find out if unauthorized absences from school impact your child's learning. Know how many days you are allowed to take a kid out of school

What Are The Right Student Expectations for My Child?

Find the right student expectations to unlock their full potential. Set your child up for success this school year

Help Your Kids Pack Their School Bags: Top Tips and PDF Checklist

Do your kids keep forgetting things for school? Here are our tips to help them pack their school bags so they're ready for the day ahead

Benefits of Reading: Positive Impacts for All Ages Everyday

Discover what the benefits of reading for kids and adults are and how to unlock the positive impact books can have on your life