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Guy Doza

As well as teaching English at a secondary school, Guy has also lectured on rhetoric and speechwriting at a range of world-leading universities. Before transitioning into education, Guy worked as a Speechwriter in the British Houses of Parliament as well as for a range of European civil services. In 2019, he gave a TEDxTalk at the University of Cambridge where he has just completed his second postgraduate degree. Guy Loves Star Wars and Marvel (and all things nerdy). He is a huge fan of VanLife and, when he has the time, takes his tiny little van on adventures around the UK!

Everyday Activities to Teach Your Child Financial Literacy

From investing to banking, and saving to budgeting skills, we need to step up and adopt everyday activities to teach our children financial literacy.

How to Help Your Child Achieve Their Dream Job? Tips for Parents

The GoStudent Future of Education Report found out what the top dream industries are for young people today. Find out how to help your child get there...

Children’s Mental Health Week: Encourage Your Child to Connect With Others

Children’s mental health is a key focus for many of us. Here is our guide to the things you need to know about Children’s Mental Health Week…

​​Best Secondary Schools in Manchester

Want to know which are the top schools in your area? Find out with our comprehensive guide of the best secondary schools in Manchester 2022…

What Are The Right Student Expectations for My Child?

Find the right student expectations to unlock their full potential. Set your child up for success this school year

Everything You Need to Know About the EPQ: Full FAQ

With the potential for 28 extra UCAS points, the EPQ can be make or break for some universities. Read our guide for the extended project qualification

FREE Downloadable English GCSE Past Papers with Mark Scheme

Free downloadable GCSE English past papers to help with your revision. Past English GCSE exam papers and mark schemes for AQA, CIE, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC English Language GCSEs and IGCSEs.

A Day in the Life of a Tutor: the Best Job Ever?

If you’re thinking about making a little extra cash but don’t want a dull job with fixed hours, then tutoring with GoStudent might be your dream come true.

Looking for the Best Soft Play in Birmingham? Here are Four Worthy Contenders!

Live in Birmingham? Have kids aged 0-12? Let us tell you the best kept secrets about Birmingham’s soft play centres and why you should give them a visit!

Discover Some Top Summer Experiences With Our Guide to Summer Camps in London

Sending your kid to a summer camp might just be the best thing you can do for them this summer. Read our guide on the top summer camps in London 2022.

What is ableism? And why should we stop using ableist language?

As our societies fight for inclusion and equality, it is important that we learn to stop using ableist language which propagates reductive stereotypes.

Disability Pride Month: When, how and why should we celebrate it

Disability Pride Month is a chance to celebrate all that the disabled community has given the world and reflect on what we can do to further fight inequality..

Tips & Tricks to get High Scores  on the 11+ Test Comprehension Paper!

Wondering how to score top marks in the 11Plus Comprehension paper? We’ve written down everything that you need to know to ace the 11+ comprehension test.

The Top Three Things You Should Consider When Planning For University

Are you all set for your uni start? We have the right planning pack for first time uni starters ready, so you are all set for your uni start!

Tips and Tricks on How to Get Work Experience in Teaching

Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs there is. Read our experts’ guide to learn all about the ways you can get work experience in teaching.