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Guy Doza

As well as teaching English at a secondary school, Guy has also lectured on rhetoric and speechwriting at a range of world-leading universities. Before transitioning into education, Guy worked as a Speechwriter in the British Houses of Parliament as well as for a range of European civil services. In 2019, he gave a TEDxTalk at the University of Cambridge where he has just completed his second postgraduate degree. Guy Loves Star Wars and Marvel (and all things nerdy). He is a huge fan of VanLife and, when he has the time, takes his tiny little van on adventures around the UK!

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GCSE Advice From Experienced Experts: 3 Top Tips

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What Can Your Kids Learn on Pancake Day?

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Is TikTok a Good Learning Resource? Top TikTok Accounts for Teachers and Tutors

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Why We All Need to Realise the Importance of Supporting Young Carers

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Why Your Child Should Master the Art of Public Speaking

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Introduction of Eco-Friendly Energy Pods and Climate Leader Awards in UK Schools

Find out more about the current government plans to introduce eco-friendly measures to drive the UK to being world leaders in environmental education.

Why You Should Celebrate Famous People With Dyslexia With Your Child

Dyslexia is one of the most misunderstood learning difficulties. Read our guide about why you should be celebrating your dyslexia as the gift of genius.