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Clarissa Joshua

Clarissa is originally from the UK but moved to Australia with her family when she was 10. She studied Communications at the University of Queensland and has been writing ever since. An avid traveller and restless wanderer, she now resides in Spain where she worked as an English teacher for two years as well as a freelance writer. Now, Clarissa solely focuses on writing where she can work from any location as long as her trusted laptop is with her. When she’s not writing, she is at the beach, riding her bike, or curled up on the sofa with a good book.

What GCSEs Do You Need to Be a Vet?

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Sleep Hygiene Tips for Parents: Ensure Kids Get a Restful Night

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Options for Kids After School: Clubs, Teams, Activities

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Free Downloadable A Level Maths Past Papers for All Exam Boards

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Best Flexible Summer Jobs for students

Teenagers may want a flexible summer job to save money, keep themself busy, learn a new skill, or just for fun. Check out our list of the best summer jobs for teens.

How to Cope with Exam Failure

Failing an exam might feel like the end of the world for your child but are there any positives to gain? Find out here how to cope with exam failure.

Our Top 4 Outdoor Activities in / Near Birmingham for Kids

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How to ace the 11+ English Exam?

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11+ Maths Topics (With Free 11+ Maths worksheet PDF)

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Leaving Cert Revision: Best Websites and Apps to Prepare

The Leaving Cert is an important milestone in your child’s education. It’s the stepping stone to university and further education. In this article you'll find out how to revise for leaving cert and the best leaving cert revision

What Are the Easiest Leaving Cert Subjects to Boost My Grades?

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What's Harder: GCSE or National 5? Which Subjects Are the Hardest?

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Can I Do National 5 English/Maths Online and How Hard Are the Courses?

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Hardest National 5’s vs the Easiest National 5’s: What Should I Do?

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What Is Accounting, Where Can it Take You and What Skills Do You Need?

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