Options for Kids After School: Clubs, Teams, Activities


  1. What to look for in an after school club?
  2. What activities and sports are available in an after school club?
  3. After school club FAQs


Are you looking for options to keep your child entertained after school? We’re going to share what’s involved in an after school club, including the activities you can expect to find. We also look at options to keep your child engaged at home to cut down travel time for them. Let’s check out the main options for after school activities. 💁



What to look for in an after school club?


We understand that the top priority for every parent is to keep their children safe. It can be daunting sending your child off to a new activity. Fortunately, there are a number of prerequisites to check for before deciding on an after school club.

The Government’s Department for Education lays out clear standards for keeping children safe in an after school club environment. Here are five of the most crucial to look for ✅

  • Health and safety risks have been assessed
  • There’s a fire safety and evacuation plan
  • The organisers can provide two or more emergency contacts
  • Pre and post-employment checks have been carried out on all staff and volunteers
  • Good governance has been adopted


What activities and sports are available in an after school club?


There is a wide range of activities and sports that after school clubs cover, although they may not all be available nearby. It’s important to find the right fit for your child because some after school clubs have a more relaxed atmosphere, while others have a more structured schedule. The change of pace could be a bit of an adjustment for your child. 

Here are some common activities and sports that are offered:

Of course, heavily structured after school clubs aren’t for every child. There are two alternatives that many parents turn to, and these are sports teams and tutoring.

Signing your child up to a sports team can be a great way for them to keep fit and let off steam after sitting down for much of the day. If your child has a favourite sport to play, it will keep them more engaged than having to stick to a set routine of an after school club where they may not enjoy all the activities. 

However, there may not be a sports team they want to join nearby. Even if there is, scheduling and transport can be a hassle. For example, you might need to leave work early to take them or rely on other parents to get them there. 


What about after school tutoring?

Tutoring is another popular activity and with good reason. Your child can receive private lessons on any subject they want to improve at or go further in. One-to-one tutoring is a great way to build their confidence in a safe environment. 

With GoStudent, you can conveniently schedule lessons and get both the social and academic benefits of after school activities for your child. Win-win. All our tutoring is online too, and booking times that suit you and your family is no hassle at all. 

Plus, if you need to move lessons around, our system allows you to be flexible—leaving space for other after school activities.


After school club FAQs


We’ve collated a list of the most common questions that caring parents like yourself have, and here they are complete with answers:


Are after school clubs a good idea?

After school clubs can be a good idea, especially if you’re looking for reliable childcare until you can pick your child up. However, while some children thrive on the additional socialisation, some may prefer to go straight home after a busy school day.


How much is an after school club?

You can expect to pay around £15 per afternoon, but the cost varies by location, activity, and services provided. Some after school clubs offer a small discount for additional siblings (expect a five per cent discount, approximately). 


Does after school club count as childcare?

Under the Government’s scheme, Tax-Free Childcare (TFC), you can now receive up to  £2,000 per child towards childcare costs, and this can include an after school club. This financial help is available for children up to the age of 12 (or 17 for children with disabilities).


When should I book an after school club?

You will need to register with any reputable after school club before you can book. Once you’ve done this, many allow you to book whenever you like (even on the same day) as long as there’s space available. It’s best to book as far in advance as you can to avoid disappointment and the hassle of finding an alternative for your child.


How can I find an after school club near me?

The Government has an excellent online tool you can use to find an after school club near you. Simply enter your postcode and you’ll be directed to your local council’s website with all the details you need. 

We hope that helped you appreciate which options would benefit your child the most. If you’d like to pursue tutoring for your child, all of our GoStudent tutors undergo a thorough quality check before they can start. We also have a robust policy and procedures for safeguarding children as students are our number one priority. Why not book a free trial class today?