GoStudent Review: The Benefits of Digital Tutoring at GoStudent


  1. What service do we offer at GoStudent?
  2. What are the main benefits of our online tutoring service? 
  3. How can you get started and find out more?

In this second article of our GoStudent review series, we cover the main benefits of our online tutoring service. It’s clear that education needs to adapt to the digital age, but at GoStudent we’re already three steps ahead. We’re a unique online tutoring service for a reason. But don’t just take our word for it. In this article you can also hear about the experiences of real life GoStudent customers and find out what makes GoStudent the perfect fit for their child.mum and daughter online learning

What service do we offer at GoStudent?


At GoStudent, the #1 rated global tutoring school, we provide private one-on-one 50 minute tutoring classes for students across all school subjects and ages. 🌏 We create unique tailored learning plans for each student, and provide you with regular updates on your child’s progress.

We offer families:

  • High quality tutoring at fair prices
  • Flexible online tutoring anytime, anywhere
  • One-to-one 50-minute tuition sessions
  • Competent, highly motivated tutors
  • An individual learning plan that is tailored to your child's needs
  • Innovative learning methods that make learning fun
  • A wide range of school subjects

In addition to our excellent tutoring, we also run our GoStudent Insights blog. Our informed and professional writers cover a huge range of parenting and learning topics (from coding to parenting styles to looking after your child emotionally) to support you in raising your children.

The world of education is ever-changing and fast-growing. At GoStudent we don’t want to just keep up, but to be at the foreground of educational development. Children need to be prepared for the changing and competitive job market. So by adapting to learning in the digital age, we are ahead of the rest. Don’t forget to read the first article in this review series, where we cover a few more of the GoStudent basics. 


What are the main benefits of our online tutoring service? 


Firstly, by precisely analysing your child’s needs, we find the best tutor match for every family. 👌🏼 Learning has, without a doubt, been disrupted by events over the past couple of years, and it’s time to catch up

Because every student is different, we create a learning plan that is perfectly adapted to each student, which helps to provide structure and consistency. We understand the end goals that you and your child have in mind, from passing exams to boosting confidence, and we want to prepare students for their academic future

We provide high-quality tutoring whenever and wherever you want. By using functions like a digital whiteboard, screen sharing and recording, we make the most out of modern technology.

Instead of learning and memorising facts, it’s now about flexible, adaptive and creative thinking. Learning can and should be fun! At GoStudent we use innovative technologies to make sessions accessible, forward-thinking and productive, as well as preparing students for all types of exams. 

Importantly, GoStudent is both affordable and flexible. No more anxious car rides to strangers' houses for tutoring! One of our parents Benjamin loves that they canchange tutors anytime and it's super affordable for almost anyone.’ 😊 Parents appreciate the ability to trial a session before they start, and book sessions when it works for them and their children, all from the comfort of their own home. 

Most importantly, at GoStudent we always keep you informed about your child’s progress so that tutoring is no longer a ‘black box’. Khalil appreciates the fact that he receives regular, supportive updates as a parent from the team who ‘makes sure to follow up on everything and to make sure everything is going okay’. 

Our tutors are experts in their subject. They’re also personable, engaging and make learning very accessible. Parents like Tim recognise the strong relationships that tutors build with their students, ‘Gabriel is such a great tutor. He always engages with Joseph enthusiastically. He consistently uses positive words and demonstrates excellent listening skills, and he encourages Joseph to find solutions!’.

With GoStudent, from scheduling a lesson to paying the tutor, everything runs seamlessly via our digital platform. We are equipped to make tutoring work around you and your family. 


How can you get started and find out more?


So many students and parents already rely on GoStudent. Want to read more reviews and feedback? Check us out on Trustpilot, where we’re recommended by parents, students and experts. 

Keep an eye out for future articles in this series, where we’ll share more about our brilliant tutors, our digital learning platform and the learning progress curve. Read our educational blog for all the latest insights into all things education. 

Want to try before you commit? Book a free tutoring session with GoStudent today to see our incredible tutoring service in action.