The 5 Best Tutoring Websites in the UK


  1. What are the benefits of online tutoring?
  2. What are the top tutoring companies in the UK?
  3. What is the best online tutoring website?
  4. Is long-term tutoring more beneficial? 
  5. How much does tutoring cost in the UK?


These days, more and more parents in the UK are looking for effective and affordable tutoring for their children. Private tutoring has become increasingly common in the last few years, and there are many benefits of online tutoring for both children and teenagers. In fact, our recent Education Report found that 96 percent of children in the UK believe tutoring to be valuable to their learning. 

As a parent, you may be wondering how you can get your child started with an online tutor that’s well suited to their needs. There are a number of great tutoring companies in the UK, and we’ve put together a list of our top picks to help you along in your search for a tutor. 

Keep reading to find out how online tutoring can help your child learn, and to see our list of the 5 best tutoring websites in the UK!

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What are the benefits of online tutoring?


Private tutoring has been on the rise in the UK in recent years, with more and more parents understanding the many benefits of online tutoring for their children’s progress – and our recently published research shows that on average, children in the UK spend 19 hours on education outside of class per week. 

These days, tutoring seems more necessary than ever before – according to our 2021 GoStudent Education Survey, 79 percent of children in the UK feel that the pandemic has caused challenges to their learning. 

If you’d like to help your child or teen past the learning loss students have suffered during the pandemic, research shows that tutoring can lead to significant learning gains. Keep reading to find out more about the advantages of online tutoring for young students! 

Tailored support 

Online tutoring allows pupils and students to connect one-on-one with an experienced tutor and get support in the subjects they need help with. Tutoring sessions can be tailored to the learning needs of each individual student, with tutors who are skilled at finding the level and pace that suits them. 

This creates a personalised learning environment which is very beneficial to students’ learning process, and can also help your child retain more of what they’re learning. Tutors can identify any knowledge gaps and subject areas where your child may need extra support, and employ effective teaching strategies that will work with them. 👩🏽‍🏫 

Effective and affordable 

Online tutoring is known to be an effective way for kids and young people to learn, since the sessions are focused solely on the individual learner and tailored to their needs and interests. It’s also a surprisingly affordable option – while in-person tutoring can be pricey, online tutoring is a lower-cost and convenient way to get extra support for your child in their learning journey. 

Since online tutoring carries lower overhead costs, it’s usually priced competitively which makes it a very good option for parents looking for a cost-effective tutoring service. It also saves you time and money since there’s no need for your child to travel to the lesson – it can be done conveniently from home in a comfortable learning environment. 🏠

One-on-one sessions

For many children and teens, one-on-one online tutoring can be very beneficial for boosting academic success and general learning progression. Having the full attention of an experienced tutor each session will mean that your child will get the best learning experience they can. 

For many children, working with the same tutor regularly creates a very beneficial learning environment and makes it possible to immediately gain clarification on issues as they come up during the session, unlike traditional classroom learning in which some kids may not be comfortable with speaking up and asking questions in front of everyone. 

In one-on-one tutoring sessions, your child can get the help they need in their learning journey and study at the pace that suits them, without needing to keep up with a larger group of students or find themselves bored because the lesson isn’t challenging enough. 

Flexible sessions

One of the greatest advantages of tutoring is that it will fit around your schedule. If you’re looking for some extra learning support for your child, online tutoring is an easy and flexible way to make this happen. 

Most online tutoring platforms in the UK have a number of tutors available who offer sessions at different times, meaning you can schedule the sessions for a day and a time that is convenient for you and your kid. You can also schedule more frequent tutoring lessons during times that your child could use extra support, for example while studying for a test. ✔️


What are the top tutoring companies in the UK?


Parents in the UK are spoiled for choice when it comes to tutoring companies – there is a range of different tutoring resources to choose from, and you may find yourself thinking, 

“What is the best online tutoring website out of the many options available?”

No need to feel overwhelmed– we’ve done the research for you and would be happy to help you in your search for a tutor. Let’s take a look at our picks for the top 5 tutoring websites in the UK!


Tutorful is one of the most popular options for online tutoring companies in the UK. The platform makes it easy for students or their parents to find a tutor for whatever subject and level is needed. Offering both group sessions and one-on-one tuition, Tutorful provides tutoring starting at primary school level all the way to online tutoring for adults, so it’s a varied option that is well-suited to a wide range of people. 

Tutorful has positioned itself as one of the top online tutoring services in the UK, with more than 10,000 tutors available – and you can read the individual reviews of each tutor which is a great way to find the right fit for your child before you commit. 

However, with a huge amount of tutors available who determine their own pricing models, a possible downside to this tutoring website is that it can be difficult to work out what tutor at what price point is the best fit for your child. 

On the Tutorful platform, the average session costs between £15 and £35 per hour, but many more experienced tutors will price themselves higher – so the cost for your child’s tuition may end up being higher than you had planned. 

Fleet Tutors 

Fleet Tutors is a well-established and trustworthy tutoring platform offering local tutors and online tutoring. Fleet Tutors is a national company, and their tutors are spread out across the UK. 

Their tutors are carefully vetted according to the company’s selection process, which takes into consideration the extent of their experience and client feedback from sessions. The average fee for tutoring lessons is £30, but the price can vary between £25–£41 depending on what type of tutoring you want and where you’re based.

Fleet Tutors has a vast range of subject tutoring available, offering around 80 subjects. Much like most other tutoring agencies, the greatest demand for their services is for Maths, English and the sciences, but they also offer more tuition in more unusual subjects such as Zoology and a wide range of languages. 

Fleet Tutors is a fantastic option if your child needs support in a more specialised subject area or if they’re working on their language skills


Superprof is the biggest tutoring platform on our list – it’s a global company that has spread across 14 countries. Offering tuition in over 1000 different subjects, this tutoring website has something for everyone and has become a go-to platform for students and adults who want to learn a new skill alike. 

Superprof has a huge amount of tutors available – in fact, there are 18 million of them! The tutoring website allows its tutors to set their own prices, so pricing will depend on the individual tutor you’d like to hire. 

Since the platform offers such a massive number of tutors, it can be a little difficult to identify the right tutor for you and your child. Some parents may feel that Superprof is better suited for teenagers and adults hoping to develop their skills in specialised topics than younger children needing support with the National Curriculum in the UK. 


MyTutor is one of the most trusted tutoring platforms in the UK, and it’s a very UK-focused service. A great benefit of MyTutor is that they’re very selective in their hiring process – allegedly, only 1 of 8 tutors who apply are successful. 

Their tutors have all attended UK universities, ensuring that they’re familiar with the education system here. In fact, MyTutor works with over 650 schools across the UK in order to support children and young people’s learning.

MyTutor offers tutoring in over 30 subjects at different levels ranging from 11 Plus to University. On the MyTutor platform, tutors set their own prices starting from £20 an hour up to £45 for university-level tutors. 

The tutoring website is a popular choice among UK parents due to its dedication to top quality tutoring on core subjects, but may not be the best fit if you and your child are looking for tutoring in a more unusual subject area. 


Our list of the top tutoring websites in the UK wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the GoStudent platform. We have a great roster of experienced, friendly tutors available who are skilled at tailoring their lessons to the needs of your child. 

All our tutors go through a thorough vetting and training process to ensure they’re ready to provide great learning experiences to students, and we require an enhanced DBS check from each tutor. Lesson scheduling is flexible, and communication can take place via Whatsapp group for you, your child and the tutor for a simple and safe way to keep in touch.   

At GoStudent, we offer a clear and transparent pricing system. You can select your preferred learning plan which can include tutoring for all subjects within the same package, which will save money in the long term. The price of tutoring ranges from £19.20 and £29.60 per lesson, depending on the learning plan you choose – and the cost of tutoring will be lower if you select a package with several lessons included. GoStudent is a great option for you if you’re looking for affordable long-term tutoring for your child or teen. 


What is the best online tutoring website?


There are a number of great options if you’re looking for online tutoring companies for your child, and the UK tutoring website that’s best suited to you will depend on what you’re looking for. 

As a parent, we understand that you’d like to set your child on the right course at a young age and prepare them for their academic future, and online tutoring is a great way to do just that. In order for your child to start reaping the benefits of one-to-one tuition, we would recommend that you have a look at the most well-known tutoring websites in the UK, do some independent research and select the tutoring service that most appeals to you. 💻

A great way to find out what online tutoring website is best suited to you and your child’s needs is to take advantage of the free trial sessions most of these services offer. By booking a complimentary first lesson, you’ll get the benefit of seeing how the tutoring service works for you and your child before committing to it. If you’d like your child to try a session with one of GoStudent’s experienced tutors, why not book a free trial lesson?


Is long-term tutoring more beneficial? 


An important thing to consider when selecting the right tutoring service is how long you’d like your child to work with a tutor. In general, it’s wise to keep in mind that a long-term approach to tutoring usually works better than online tutoring as a short-term solution. 

Studies have found that the most effective tutoring programs are longer-term, lasting a minimum of 10 weeks and often for a full school year. For online tutoring to be as effective as possible, weekly sessions are recommended. Working with a tutor on a weekly basis is great for keeping up your child’s learning momentum and making sure that they’ll be able to progress steadily, and most students get the most out of tutoring when it’s a long-term program. 👨🏼‍🏫

Research shows that children and teenagers from a wide range of different backgrounds and abilities can benefit greatly from one-to-one tutoring. For most parents, this is hardly a surprise – it makes sense that an educator giving individual attention to one student at a time is more beneficial for individual learning than the traditional classroom environment which sees one teacher delivering a lesson to a group of 20+ children. 

Our 2021 GoStudent Education Report found that a whopping 96 percent of children in the UK find value in being tutored – a solid reason on its own to consider online tutoring for your child! 

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How much does tutoring cost in the UK?


Some parents may find themselves worried about the costs when they realise their child may benefit from tutoring, as tutoring can be expensive. However, online tutoring is usually much more affordable than in-person tutoring. 

The prices for face to face tutoring in the UK varies depending on where you live and certain other factors. In-person tutoring can range from around £30 all the way up to £80 per hour for a very experienced tutor. 

Unlike in-person tutoring which can be costly, online tutoring usually comes at a more accessible price point. Online tutoring in the UK usually starts at a lower price point of £15-£20 per session, rising to around £35 for lessons with more expensive tutors, but specific pricing will depend on the individual tutoring agency. 

If your child needs support with their learning, online tutoring may be the perfect solution for getting them the help they need without breaking the bank. 💰

We hope this article helped shed some light on the many benefits of online tutoring and gave you a helpful overview of some of the best online tutoring platforms in the UK. If you’d like to try GoStudent out for free, why not book a complimentary tutoring session with us for free? We look forward to helping your child make progress in their learning journey!