11+ Maths Questions & Downloadable Worksheet


  1. What is the 11 plus maths paper?
  2. What maths is covered in 11 plus past paper maths?
  3. How to prepare your kids for 11 plus maths questions?


11 plus exams test children on their maths, English, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning skills. Many students find the mathematics questions in the 11 plus past paper maths challenging as they are tricky and require strong reasoning and analytical skills. 

So what exactly is an 11 plus maths exam? What concepts does the syllabus cover? Let’s find out.

What is the 11 plus maths paper?


The eleven plus exam is an exam taken by students in the U.K. As the name suggests, it is usually administered to 10-11-year-olds during their final year of primary education. 

Not all primary schools in the UK offer the 11+ but, if your child does take the exam, their result will determine which kind of secondary school they go to, either grammar school or comprehensive. What does this mean? Their scores on these exams are important. 

Many children are known to struggle with the maths eleven plus exam. Maths is a daunting yet important subject to master for primary school children. If your child needs some extra support in maths, why not book a free trial lesson with one of our GoStudent tutors? They can create a personalised learning plan for your child to help them hit top marks.

We've also created some super valuable 11+ maths practice resources. Download your very own GoStudent maths practice paper and answer booklet right here:


Download 11+ MATHS PAPER

Download 11+ MATHS ANSWERS


What maths is covered in 11 plus maths paper?


11 plus maths papers are primarily used to assess your child’s problem-solving and detail analysis skills. The questions are asked according to the national curriculum, which includes topics like:

  • Numbers

This includes basic arithmetic and quick calculations that students need to make in order to solve arithmetic-style questions. Common concepts include the number line, simple multiplication, decimals, and prime numbers.
  • Fractions and decimals

This section can be seen as a subsection of the ‘types of numbers’ topic above. It concerns itself with special irrational or non-natural numbers (anything that isn’t a complete number like 1,2,3…) and how they interact with each other. 
  • Shapes

This section is a geometry section with questions about shapes, graphs, areas and angles.
  • Measurements

This section can be seen as a subsection of geometry that concerns itself with graphical distances and trigonometry, both of which are used to calculate shape lengths and distances. 
  • Data handling

Mean, mode, median and everything in between. 


How to prepare your kids for 11 plus maths questions


Here’s a list of things that you can do to help your child with their 11+ preparation:  

  • Start early

The 11 plus maths papers are based on what your child learned throughout Key Stage 2. Therefore, having a good grasp from the very start can make the preparation easy for them. If your child starts preparing early, there will be less panic closer to exam time. 
  • Develop their skills

The 11 plus maths questions are designed to assess your child's critical thinking and problem-solving skills. You can help your kids learn through various games, like chess, Sudoku, and puzzles, to build their creative, logical, and problem-solving skills. Introducing games into your child’s learning will encourage them to have fun and improve their skills. 
  • Using practice tests

Practice makes perfect. Taking practice tests is one of the best ways to prepare for any exam

Students can use practice papers to make a time-based calculation of how they would do in the actual exams. Then, they can mark these papers themselves, or with the help of a GoStudent tutor, to analyse their mistakes. Taking practice tests can help them develop time-efficient strategies and give them space to work on their shortcomings. 
  • Use learning apps

Several apps use creative and fun techniques to prepare your kids for the 11 plus maths papers online and 11 plus maths questions. These apps compile educational videos and use games and quizzes to make the preparation fun, interactive, and productive. 

11 plus maths papers can be challenging and tricky. However, with solid preparation, your child can boost their chances of getting good marks.

  • Get an 11+ tutor

IIf you want your kids to do well in this crucial exam, we recommend hiring an experienced 1:1 tutor.


GoStudent has a pool of experienced tutors who can guide your kids in their studies and prepare them for their 11 plus maths papers. Start with a free trial now and feel the GoStudent difference!