The Best Free Homeschooling Resources UK Parents Need to Start Using Today


  1. Can you be homeschooled for free in the UK?
  2. Where can I find resources for homeschooling?
  3. How can I get free stuff for homeschooling?
  4. BBC Bitesize
  5. BBC Teach
  6. Oxford Owl
  7. Oak National Academy
  8. STEM Learning
  9. Home Education UK
  10. SENECA
  11. Twinkl
  12. GetRevising
  13. GoStudent


There are so many free homeschooling resources available for free online that your main difficulty is going to be choosing which ones to use! We’re here to point you towards the best places to find lessons and content for homeschooling in the UK.

Can you be homeschooled for free in the UK? 💁


Yes, you can be homeschooled for free in the UK. Uptake of homeschooling is surging in the UK as more and more parents decide to take the plunge and educate their kids themselves. 

Since 2020, 34% more parents in England have opted to home school their children. Home school families are part of a great British tradition, it was customary for the royal family to have their children educated at home and Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed homeschooling with private tutors.

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Where can I find resources for homeschooling?


Free homeschooling resources UK: UK Government home education 

This should be your first stop for all your questions about homeschooling and the law. This document in particular gives you a good summary of the latest government policy around homeschooling. This page has links to information about the National Curriculum and how to find help from your local council. For example, Kent County Council has a handy selection of information and available resources. 


How can I get free stuff for homeschooling?


Here’s our round up of the best UK-centric homeschool resource sites:

  • Free homeschooling resources UK: BBC Bitesize 🍬

This really is the place to go when it comes to finding fun, interactive and informative content to excite and inspire your kid during homeschooling lessons! 

The site caters to kids from 3 years old right up to A-Level and offers a wealth of free homeschooling resources UK parents will love like quizzes, videos and activities designed for the different curriculums of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

  • Free homeschooling resources UK: BBC Teach 🎓

Also from the BBC is BBC Teach. It’s aimed at teachers, but it also offers the kind of free homeschooling resources UK parents need as well. 

It provides curriculum-related video content for primary school kids in many Key Stage subjects and includes lessons by popular BBC presenters, experts and personalities from shows like Doctor Who and CBeebies, Sir David Attenborough has even been known to drop by for a few classes! 

Your child can watch everything without signing up, but it’s a good idea to register them for an account as that way you get a record of everything they’ve watched and keep an eye on their progress. You can also download related worksheets to use with the videos. 

  • Free homeschooling resources UK: Oxford Owl 🦉

This fun site is aimed at kids between 3 and 11 and focuses on reading skills, but it does include some stuff for maths. It’s basically a children’s library of activity books, picture books, fiction, non-fiction and dictionaries completely free! It also offers a ton of useful tips and advice for parents educating their kids at home. 

  • Free homeschooling resources UK: Oak National Academy 🌳

Welcome to the motherlode of all the free homeschooling resources UK parents need! 

From early years to Key Stage 4, the Oak National Academy has you covered. The site was started during the first lockdown in 2020 and now hosts more than 40,000 free slides, videos, worksheets and quizzes related to the National Curriculum! The site also has incredibly useful ‘curriculum maps’ which is really useful when it comes to planning out your homeschooling curriculum in the months and years in advance.  

  • Free homeschooling resources UK: STEM Learning ⛮

STEM Learning provides lots of content to help you teach your child science, technology, engineering and maths. It offers podcasts, video lessons, projects, interactive activities from primary school all the way up to A-Level as well as tips and advice for parents.

  • Free homeschooling resources UK: Home Education UK 🏡

Home Education UK is sort of an encyclopaedia of homeschooling. It has articles covering many useful topics related to homeschooling like socialising and how to deregister your kid from school in addition to offering links to other handy resources like lessons, worksheets and books. 

  • Free homeschooling resources UK: SENECA 🏫

This wonderful resource covers all sorts of subjects for KS2, KS3, GCSE & A-Level courses.

It has a great teach and test methodology where your child will be asked to read and click through flashcards with information that they need to know followed by a quick quiz. 

The site uses memes and gifs to keep things fun and algorithms to help identify things learners are finding difficult to remember and the site or app will show rephrased versions of these questions until your child memorises the answer. 

Seneca is a really good resource for learning GCSE and A-Level topics. Most of the material is completely free but there is a premium option to get access to even more content. 

  • Free homeschooling resources UK: Twinkl 🌟

If you’re looking for lessons, videos and activities for a child in KS1 to KS4, Twinkl has a vast amount of beautifully designed free materials available. Twinkl’s worksheets, PowerPoint slides and other content are easy to use and clearly marked for ages and key stages. 

  • Free homeschooling resources UK: GetRevising 📚

This site has lots of free tools that are great for managing your homeschool life

You can use its smart timetable to quickly design a customised learning plan. You and your child can easily create mind maps, flashcards or quizzes for any subject then your child can use the site’s testing features to time themselves or try to beat their previous scores. 

Students and teachers have uploaded more than 393,000 free learning resources geared to different learning styles in practically every subject for every level and age group.

  • GoStudent CTA for free trial

    Free homeschooling resources UK: GoStudent 🚀

GoStudent is the perfect companion for you and your kid on your homeschooling adventure!

You’ve got some amazing experiences ahead of you, but sometimes you’ll need a helping hand along the way. We have qualified and passionate tutors available to guide and support you at every level and subject. 

Our tutors know the curriculum backwards and forwards and are ready to step in when you need a break or you’re not too sure of the subject area. There are so many ways we can help! 

We offer free trial classes with no strings attached so give this link a click and see what we can do for you and your child!