A Day in the Life of a Tutor: the Best Job Ever?


  1. The daily routine of a GoStudent tutor
  2. What the tutors have to say
  3. How does a tutor prepare for a lesson?
  4. What does the lesson look like?
  5. What does it take to become a GoStudent tutor?


As well as studying at the London School of Economics, socialising with her friends, and making time for exercise, Sophia is one of our amazing GoStudent tutors. She recently made a video about what a day in her life is like. 

In this article, we explore a day in the life of a tutor. From the freedom to the money, find out how GoStudent tutors like Sophia fit tutoring in around their other commitments, and how much money they can make. Believe it or not, as a GoStudent tutor, you have no fixed hours and no required number of tutoring sessions – we give you ultimate freedom and flexibility. Tutoring for GoStudent is quite possibly one of the most flexible, versatile and fun ways to earn money! You can even do it while travelling!

No matter where you are located, what other jobs you have, or what academic qualifications you hold, if you’ve got the knowledge, have secure internet, are over 18, and pass the necessary security checks, then you can start earning money working as a GoStudent tutor! 🧑‍🏫 Find out how much you could make at the bottom of this article! 💸A Day in the Life of a Tutor

The daily routine of a GoStudent tutor


Hold your breath: this is the best bit! There is NO DAILY ROUTINE! 🥳 

If you want to get up at 7pm and tutor a bit at 8pm, it’s all good! If you want to wake up at 7am and tutor all day, that’s also good. If you fancy going travelling in South America for two months and teaching absolutely no lessons, that also works. 

As a GoStudent tutor you have ultimately flexibility to choose the hours you work and there are no contractual obligations. You can teach alongside another job, alongside your university lectures, or even just on months when income is a little bit low. 


What the tutors have to say


Sophia is one of our GoStudent tutors. She’s studying at the London School of Economics and made a snazzy video telling us all about a day in her life and how she fits tutoring around her university studies and social life! 

According to our Latin tutor Stephen: ‘The freedom and personal independence makes this a great second income. I also appreciate the fact that it is not dependent on location.’ 

If you have any problems with the tutoring or the website, we have a team of dedicated professionals to help! One of our newer recruits, chemistry tutor Esther, said that, ‘The team has a great relationship with us tutors, the organisation is spot on and everything works as it should’.

If you’re still not convinced, read our article about why online tutoring is the best


How does a tutor prepare for a lesson?


GoStudent tutoring focuses on student-centred learning. This means that – rather than just following a curriculum – classes will focus on areas of improvement and gaps in knowledge. This ensures that pupils get results quickly. 

There will be a private chat set up with the parents (pupils also have a safe private chat function on the website), where the GoStudent tutor can be briefed on what needs working on that week. 

If there’s an upcoming science test on a specific topic, the tutoring session can be tailored around that! 


What does the lesson look like?


A GoStudent tutoring session looks like whatever you plan it to look like! The key elements are the tutor, the learner and the digital teaching

The standard session is 50 minutes long. In that time, you can plan what content you want to cover, add some learning activities, and even the occasional quizz to check how well the pupil has learnt! 

There is also a recording function for the tutoring sessions which the tutor approves and the learner records. 


What does it take to become a GoStudent tutor?


Here at GoStudent, we pride ourselves on how we select tutors. Before applying to be a GoStudent tutor, you need to: 

  • Have a UK or Irish bank account
  • Be familiar with either the UK or Irish curriculum
  • Have access to a working UK or EU telephone number
  • Be able to work self-employed
  • Have stable internet connection and clear camera/microphone
  • Be fluent in English
  • Be aged over 18 years

Want to know how to become a GoStudent tutor? Well, here are the five basic steps:

  1. Register to be a tutor 
  2. Complete a subject quiz (you try a test quiz on our website, to see what it’s like)
  3. Attend your group interview – the group interviews happen daily and they’re online: they give you a chance to show us why you’d make a great tutor
  4. Attend your onboarding – this is where you’re briefed on everything you need to know about working as a GoStudent tutor, from finances to software: we’ll also go through the enhanced DBS checks 
  5. Start tutoring!

You can learn more about what it takes to become a tutor on our website. We even have some articles about promoting yourself as a private tutor and tips to ensure that the first lesson goes well

So, down to business! How much could you make as a GoStudent tutor? 

If you do five lessons a week you could be earning around £280. If you really ramp it up and do 20 lessons a week you could be raking in as much as £1,300 a month! 

Interested? Then sign up to become a tutor now!