How to Become a GoStudent Tutor: Follow These Five Easy Steps


  1. Why become a GoStudent tutor?
  2. What we look for in a GoStudent tutor
  3. Registering as a GoStudent tutor in five easy steps
  4. What information will you need to register as a GoStudent tutor?
  5. Top tips from the GoStudent tutor team


At GoStudent, it’s our mission to unlock the full potential of every student. To do so, we match each child with their ideal tutor – that could be you! If you are passionate about teaching, have some free hours every week and want to make some extra income then you’ve come to the right place. 🙌

Some of the many benefits of becoming a GoStudent tutor include working remotely, managing your own schedule and personal support from our in-house tutoring team. What’s more, we connect you with the students so you don’t need to advertise. Sound good?! Read on to find out how to register today. 🧑‍🏫online-trends-2

Why become a GoStudent tutor?


We offer freedom, flexibility and a fuss-free way to turn your passion for teaching online into an income. We are more than just a tutoring site. Once you are up and running, GoStudent will provide you with everything you need to teach online – effectively taking all the hassle out of being self-employed. 💅

Best of all, once you are a GoStudent tutor, there is no need to post ads for tutoring. We find the students for you. We find you your students and you manage your lessons through our platform. That way you'll have more time to focus on doing what you love – teaching! ☺️

Top GoStudent tutor benefits

Looking for even more reasons to become an online tutor with GoStudent? Sure, we’ve got plenty to choose from:

  • Manage your time according to your own schedule
  • Handy time-saving tools on our tutoring website
  • Personal support from our in-house tutoring team
  • Work independently, free from overbearing instruction
  • Do something worthwhile
  • Enhance your resume
  • Improve your teaching skills


What we look for in a GoStudent tutor


Aside from oodles of enthusiasm and a genuine love of sharing knowledge, there are some prerequisites and qualities that we specifically look out for when considering GoStudent tutor applications. 👇


    • Knowledgeable about the subject(s) you wish to teach 
    • Fluency in the language you are registering to tutor in
    • Familiarity with the curriculum in the market you plan to tutor in
    • A stable internet connection
    • Clear desk set up with camera & microphone and a neutral background
    • Ability to register as self-employed
    • UK or Irish bank account
    • Whatsapp account 
    • Age 18 or older 
Only candidates that submit all required documents and attended the group interview will be considered ❗


  • Genuine interest and enthusiasm for teaching with an emphasis on supporting students to develop and learn
  • Professional approach, attitude and appearance
  • Reliable and good at timekeeping 
  • Organised and responsible 🧑‍🏫


Registering as a GoStudent tutor in five easy steps


We are passionate about matching every ambitious student with the perfect tutor to suit them – one that will unlock their full potential and have a great time along the way. 

With that in mind, we've made our GoStudent registration process as painless as possible so you can quickly get on with the good stuff – sharing your knowledge with your students! 👌

#1 Register to become a tutor

So, where can you register? Just visit gostudent.org and then go to the “Become a Tutor” tab at the top of the page. Fill out all the information in the form and once you submit it you will hear back from GoStudent by email regarding the next steps. ✍️

#2 Complete your subject quiz

Where applicable, we ask tutors to complete a short quiz on their chosen subject(s). You can check out one of our practice quizzes to get an idea. 🤓

#3 Attend your group interview

We host daily online group interviews to meet our tutors and to understand why you will make a great tutor. 👩‍💼

#4 Attend your onboarding

On passing the group interview, we ask you to attend an online onboarding where you will be briefed on how to use the GoStudent platform and key information on being a tutor with us. 🧑‍💻

#5 Start teaching

Welcome to GoStudent! You are now one of our tutors and can teach your first lesson straight away! 👍


What information will you need to register as a GoStudent tutor?


We’ve designed our initial registration form to be as straightforward as possible. With just 17 fields to fill in, you’ll be hitting the submit button in no time! The only document we ask you to submit is an up-to-date CV.  

Aside from that, all we ask is that you share your contact details, availability, occupation and subject choices with us. Let’s take a look at those questions here so you know exactly what to expect. 💁

  • Personal details including your full name, date of birth, gender, email address and  phone number*
  • The highest level of education received eg. apprenticeship, A-Levels or bachelor's degree…
  • Current occupation eg. medical student, cashier, software engineer, unemployed…
  • Subject(s) you are able to teach
  • If you able to teach your subject(s) at primary school level
  • Which school system you are most familiar with eg. English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh or International
  • Your spoken English ability eg. native or fluent level
  • Your weekly availability in hours 
  • If you have a valid DBS certificate or equivalent background check. GoStudent will help you with this if not!
  • How you learned about GoStudent
  • Terms and conditions check

* You can visit the GoStudent website for our full terms and conditions and data protection guidelines.


Top tips from the GoStudent tutor team


Lastly, before we send you on your way to submit your registration form, here are some top tips from the GoStudent tutor team for a successful application. If you’ve got the following attributes then we want to hear from you!

#1 Passion for teaching

We all remember that teacher that had lost their spark, standing at the front of the class, trotting out the same old lesson plans, year after year. At GoStudent we work with only the brightest and most enthusiastic tutors who are dedicated to helping others learn with their encouraging attitude. ❤️

#2 Good communication skills

Communication is key! We are looking for people with a clear, accessible and easy-to-understand communication style. It’s not just students you’ll be dealing with, you’ll need to be able to confidently interact and feedback with parents, guardians and the GoStudent team too. 🗣️

#3 Tech-savvy

This is an online learning platform. As well as a stable internet connection, clear camera & microphone set up and a neutral background, we are looking for people who know their way around their own computer and are passionate about integrating tech into their teaching methodology. 💻

#4 Reliability

Punctuality, good organisation skills and consistency are all important when it comes to being a reliable tutor. GoStudent tutors enjoy a high level of freedom and flexibility, so we need to be able to rely on you to turn up to your lessons and teach with a professional and positive attitude every time. 🧑‍💼

#5 Include examples

We work with knowledgeable tutors who are well-versed in the school curriculum. We are looking for people who are familiar with different school stages and subject content who can quickly boost a student's academic success. Make sure to exemplify your curriculum knowledge with examples where you can. 💡

Hopefully, we have answered all your questions and you now feel ready to become a GoStudent tutor. We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you to the team. Register to become a GoStudent tutor today! 🎓