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Natalie Lever

Our learning expert Natalie has a Master's degree in Education from the University of Cambridge. She has previously studied and worked in Manchester, Amsterdam, London, and Mumbai and currently teaches UK students aged 11-18. She is well-versed in the National Curriculum, the International Baccalaureate as well as mental health and pastoral development in young people. She likes to be outside and take photographs in her spare time.

Study Skills for Secondary School: Success for Teens

Find out what the top study skills are for teens. Our guide tells you what your child needs to stay organised and succeed in secondary and high school.

Helping Your Child with Telling the Time

Need to teach your child this vital life skill? Download our Telling the Time PDF to support your child learn to tell the time the right way.

2022 GCSE Grades Explained: All Your Questions Answered Here

Read our learning expert’s step-by-step guide to the most common questions about GCSE grades in the UK.

The Best Maths Games 2022

Game-based learning could be what it takes to amplify your tutor sessions. Not sure where to start with fun maths games? Let us do the research for you.

How to Revise for National 5: Top Tips

Not all UK national exams are the same. We’re here to help you plan National 5 revision, so grab a pen and notebook and read on.

Leaving Cert Results 2022

Leaving Cert results have been up in the air since very recently. In this article we talk through the basics, and share the official release date of the results for Ireland.

The Best Secondary Schools in London

Finding the right school in London for your child is challenging. This article ranks the best state and private schools in the capital.

Golden Time: How to Use Teachers’ Best Kept Secret at Home

Wondering how to use the teacher’s best-kept secret at home? Change the way you manage behaviour with this positive tool for challenging children.

Lesson Structure: How to Structure a Class

Want to maximise your lesson and help every child make progress? Read on as we share the best strategies for creating the perfect online lesson.

Outdoor Play: Why is it the Key to Positive Learning Experiences?

Read our Learning Expert’s advice about how to incorporate more outdoor play into learning experiences with your child.

Career Change for Teachers: What Should You Do Next?

Thinking that teaching isn’t right for you? There are solutions, and we are here to support with a career change for teachers.

Break the Ice! Must-Have Icebreaker Questions for the Online Classroom

Need a ready-made list of icebreaker questions for your tutoring sessions? We’ve compiled the best icebreaker questions for you as a tutor, so read on!

GCSEPod Reviews: Is it Any Good?

Looking for GCSEPod reviews? Our learning experts at GoStudent review the programme to ascertain whether it’s right for your child to make progress.

Teaching Abroad: The Pros, Cons and Whether It’s Worth it

Build on your tutoring skills and earn money as you travel all the corners of the globe teaching abroad. Let us guide you with where to start.

Free Download: GoStudent GCSE Revision Timetable

With GCSEs this summer so imminent, you’ll need a strong GCSE revision timetable to get ahead. You can download a free timetable right here. Check it out!