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Natalie Lever

Our learning expert Natalie has a Master's degree in Education from the University of Cambridge. She has previously studied and worked in Manchester, Amsterdam, London, and Mumbai and currently teaches UK students aged 11-18. She is well-versed in the National Curriculum, the International Baccalaureate as well as mental health and pastoral development in young people. She likes to be outside and take photographs in her spare time.

Career Change for Teachers: What Should You Do Next?

Thinking that teaching isn’t right for you? There are solutions, and we are here to support with a career change for teachers.

Break the Ice! Must-Have Icebreaker Questions for the Online Classroom

Need a ready-made list of icebreaker questions for your tutoring sessions? We’ve compiled the best icebreaker questions for you as a tutor, so read on!

GCSEPod Reviews: Is it Any Good?

Looking for GCSEPod reviews? Our learning experts at GoStudent review the programme to ascertain whether it’s right for your child to make progress.

Teaching Abroad: The Pros, Cons and Whether It’s Worth it

Build on your tutoring skills and earn money as you travel all the corners of the globe teaching abroad. Let us guide you with where to start.

Free Download: GoStudent GCSE Revision Timetable

With GCSEs this summer so imminent, you’ll need a strong GCSE revision timetable to get ahead. You can download a free timetable right here. Check it out!

The Big Debate: Zoom or Skype for Online Teaching?

Every great tutor needs the right set of tools, starting with your video calling platform. Let us compare and make the decision for you.

Make or Break: Differentiation in the Online Classroom

Differentiation allows every student to grow and succeed in the online classroom. Here’s just about everything you as tutors need to know!

GoStudent Review: The Learning Progress Curve

Read our Learning Expert’s advice on the GoStudent learning progress trajectory. Do our tutors facilitate excellent results? Absolutely!

GoStudent Review: What Makes Our Virtual Classroom Unique?

How does it work in our virtual GoStudent classroom? What makes it unique? Read on for parent and tutor testimonials of our excellent tutoring service.

Why Music Is Such an Integral Part of Education

Find out just how important music is in education as we talk you through its benefits for all children (especially for those who are neurodiverse).

GoStudent Review: The 5 Best Things About GoStudent Tutors

Our GoStudent tutors are loved and highly praised by students and parents alike. But what makes our tutors so unique? Read on as we outline their top five traits.

GoStudent Review: The Benefits of Digital Tutoring at GoStudent

Not sure what the benefits of switching to our online tutoring service are? Listen up as we go through the main advantages, including plenty of feedback from parents.

GoStudent Review: Our Service and Parent Testimonials

What is our tutoring service all about? And what makes it unique? Read on as we explain all things GoStudent, and share our parent testimonials with you.

Dos and Don'ts for a Successful Parents Evening

The key to a child’s academic success is support from both their parents and teachers. Here’s our advice on how to make the most out of parents evening.

Our Top 15 Best Children’s Books

Not sure where to get started with books for your children? Read our Learning Expert’s advice on the best children’s books.