GoStudent Review: The 5 Best Things About GoStudent Tutors


  1. The focus is kept on improving student outcomes 
  2. Respectful relationships are forged and developed 
  3. Tutors are kind and professional
  4. Learning is made to be fun and engaging 
  5. Tutors encourage students to be independent learners

Here’s the next in our GoStudent review series; all about what makes our brilliant tutors so great. We’ll talk through what makes a great teacher, and bring in recent and honest feedback from parents about some of our real tutors and what makes them so friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging. Wonder why parents keep coming back to our service? Our fantastic tutors are right at the forefront.gostudent tutor

#1 The focus is kept on improving student outcomes 


The Sutton Trust defines a great teacher as someone who (primarily) focuses on student progress. In short, great teaching leads to better learning. 

Because our tutors are equipped to teach online, using the latest technological and pedagogical advancements (as well as being excellent communicators since sessions are not in person), progress and results are often achieved much quicker.  🚀

One parent, Beata, found that since her son started lessons with GoStudent tutor Sarah, ‘he has shown dramatic results in a short space of time, because she is dedicated and achieves results.’ All of our tutors are focused on making every session count, and will keep you digitally informed every step of the way. 


#2 Tutors are knowledgeable, and know how to adapt 


A great teacher is extremely knowledgeable about their subject, but also has the ability to disseminate this information slowly and carefully for new learners, and in creative ways! 

Steph says that her son’s tutor is ‘kind, sweet and patient’, important soft skills for anyone working with children! She told us that her son’s GoStudent tutor is great at adapting challenging information in a way that makes sense for him. 

She evenfinds football based topics to help my son with his English work… the fact that she goes out of her way to find him something he will enjoy shows it’s not just a job to her; she really does care and I think that really helps him engage in the learning and enjoy every moment of it because she is too. I really can’t praise her enough!’ 🌈


#3 Respectful relationships are forged and developed 


Right from the very first session, our tutors make a point of developing a trusting relationship with your child, and parents can trust and rely on our tutors to support their child and their learning needs. 

As indicated in our GoStudent education report 2021, 76% of parents recognise that their children faced challenges in the pandemic. This makes online tutoring, that can be relied on even during school closures or with changing government measures, all the more important for filling in learning gaps.

Mum Coco says that she has ‘been so impressed from the first contact’. She ‘has a fantastic tutor who really engages with my 8 year old and makes lessons fun and interesting. We have seen a huge improvement in her learning and confidence since using GoStudent. Our tutor Megan is absolutely brill!’

Because all of our tutors are thoroughly vetted and trained, these strong relationships are what leads to continued student progress. 


#4 Tutors are kind and professional


A great tutor needs to be consistently organised, prepared and ready for any situation. 

Our GoStudent education report also indicated that of the 6000+ parents surveyed, the most important trait for parents (over 70%) for their tutors was reliability. 

Feedback for our tutors frequently comments on their professional nature. In particular, a parent recognised one tutor, George, as  professional, informative, friendly & accommodating. He was extremely patient with all my questions, he didn't push or demand. Thank you George for your fantastic service.’


#5 Learning is made to be fun and engaging 


Perhaps most importantly, children look forward to their sessions with their matched GoStudent tutor. Another parent, Maliqua, recognised that her daughter was really struggling with Maths, and was matched with GoStudent tutor Georgia, who managed to help her daughter achieve a 9 (the top grade!) in her overall exam.

Maliqua said ‘my daughter is so much more confident in maths now and jumping from a grade 5 to a grade 9 is incredible. Georgia is in contact at any point and is happy to cover whatever aspect of maths that my daughter needs. Georgia is a perfect match for my daughter and they get on really well. Best money I have spent!’. 


Tutors encourage students to be independent learners 


The Sutton Trust also indicates that one of the most effective traits of an excellent teacher (in addition to their pedagogy and knowledge) is to equip students with the tools to be able to continue to learn independently (to help them create a system of learning). 

Our tutors ‘engage enthusiastically’, ‘use positive words and demonstrate excellent listening skills’, and encourage students ‘to find solutions’ (parent and GoStudent user, Tim). Because they are so engaging, many families find that the optimum 50-minute sessions fly by. 

Not only is progress and learning central, but so is building children’s self-confidence so that a love of learning can become lifelong. Want to give our service a try with your child, and find their perfect tutor match? Book a free tutoring session with GoStudent today.