How Does GoStudent UK/IE Select Tutors?


  1. How does the interview process work?
  2. What are the requirements for GoStudent tutors?
  3. How do we ensure safety? 


At GoStudent, it’s our mission to unlock the full potential of every student. To do so, we match each child with just the right tutor.

To ensure that we provide every child and parent with a positive experience, all of our GoStudent tutors are required to complete a rigorous interview process. Safety is of paramount importance to us so we make sure that we get to know every single successful candidate before allowing them to join our platform.

You and your child deserve the best, which is why we only work with the very best tutors. Keep on reading to discover exactly how we select our GoStudent tutors…young girl in online tutoring session

How does the interview process work?


Once a potential tutor applies to work with GoStudent, they are required to take part in a rigorous interview process. We are committed to finding the very best tutors for our students, and only a comparatively small number of applicants are selected. So, just how does this interview process work? Let us break it down for you:


First things first. Tutor applicants fill in a form on our website providing us with information like their name, age, and areas of expertise. This form also asks all potential tutors to upload a valid Enhanced DBS certificate. Tutors that do not already have an Enhanced DBS check, or a country-specific equivalent if they are based outside of the UK, will be required to complete one before they are allowed to work with us.


To ensure that all of our GoStudent tutors are experts in their field, potential tutors will be asked to take an exam to prove their subject knowledge once they have submitted their initial application. Furthermore, applicants must have studied their chosen subject at either A-Level or degree level. 


Those that pass the exam will then be invited to attend a pedagogical assessment interview. Here, we evaluate their teaching skills. We value both subject knowledge and personality when it comes to selecting our tutors to provide your child with a fun and meaningful experience. 


For those that make it through all of the above, successful applicants will be invited to our GoStudent onboarding programme. During onboarding, tutors will learn exactly how to deliver the best quality tutoring to your child. Successful applicants that don’t already have an Enhanced DBS certificate, or a country-specific equivalent, will be asked to apply for one, and will not be matched with a student until this check has been completed.


Once all the necessary documents have been received and onboarding has been completed, our tutors are verified and ready to get going! 


What are the requirements for GoStudent tutors?


To ensure that we provide you and your child with the very best experience, all of our tutors are required to fulfil the following criteria:

✅ For flexibility, potential tutors are asked to teach a minimum of 6 sessions per week.

✅ To become a verified and active GoStudent tutor, all tutors should already have, or be in the process of obtaining an Enhanced DBS check, or their local country-specific equivalent if they are tutoring from overseas.

✅ Because sessions take place online, tutors need access to a digital device with a camera, a microphone, as well as a stable internet connection.

✅ We work with tutors that are experts in their field. It’s important that potential tutors have sufficient A-Level or degree level qualifications and are able to teach their chosen subjects up to A-Level. 

✅ Tutors need a UK/EU phone number and access to Whatsapp. Tutors communicate with parents via Whatsapp, making things quick and easy for everyone.

✅ To ensure the best possible dynamic between student and tutor it’s vital that our tutors have the right soft skills to work on our platform. By soft skills we mean tutors that are empathetic, patient and passionate about their subject! For your child to get the best learning experience, we only work with tutors that have the right personality. 


How do we ensure safety?


Safety is our top priority when it comes to the virtual classroom. We want you to trust us to match your child with the perfect tutor.

To ensure maximum safety, all tutors are required to hold a valid Enhanced DBS certificate, or the country-specific equivalent, if they are based outside of the UK. If applicants are unable to provide us with a valid DBS certificate, they are not allowed to teach on our platform.

At GoStudent, we want you and your child to have access to safe, online tutoring. Our tutor network is constantly growing and we’ll keep working hard to ensure that all of our tutors are who they say they are, have the right subject knowledge, and make learning fun.