Digital Teaching Tools: Using Zoom For Tutoring


  1. How to set up your Zoom account?
  2. Is Zoom good for tutoring?
  3. How does Zoom work for tutoring? 
  4. What is Zoom’s interactive whiteboard?
  5. Improving your Zoom tutoring experience?

If there’s one thing that COVID has taught us, it’s that the digitisation of everyday activities is more than just a fad. Apps like Zoom are changing the way business meetings, social get-togethers, and even school lectures are conducted. Why should you miss out on the digital boom?

Today, you can use Zoom to provide your students with convenient, easily accessible tutoring that can save commuting time and help them find the academic help they need 24x7. 

So how exactly are tutors using Zoom? What features make it so well suited for online tuition? We have broken down the entire process for you through these FAQs:


How to set up your Zoom account?


Setting up Zoom is easy; you need to go to the Zoom signup page and create a Zoom account using your email address. After logging in using your new credentials, you can start or schedule your meetings immediately from the browser. Alternatively, you can also download and install the Zoom app.

As soon as you get started, you will realise that the free plan for Zoom limits the duration of each group tuition to 40 minutes. If your tuition is longer and you want to upgrade your Zoom, you can purchase a paid subscription on the Zoom website.

However, it’s worth noting that if you expect your students to schedule Zoom meetings, you don’t need to upgrade your Zoom account. You only need to purchase a Zoom subscription if you schedule meetings on Zoom for group tutoring.


Is Zoom good for tutoring?


Zoom is an exciting virtual platform with a wide range of features that can make it extremely well suited for tutoring. It is a reliable and efficient communication tool that can be used to conduct both one-on-one and group tuition. Some features that make Zoom a good tutoring tool are:

  • Increased accessibility

Zoom’s wide accessibility allows users anywhere in the world to easily join or conduct online classes. All your students need is a stable internet connection and a laptop or mobile device. With institutional/infrastructure-related costs eliminated, all the students need to cover is the tuition fee. This makes Zoom an incredibly accessible and affordable option for students

  • Increased control 

You have a larger degree of control over the tutoring environment while using Zoom for tutoring. You can mute, disable videos or control the communication of distracted students. Students can also learn from the comfort of their homes. 

  • Enhanced teaching and learning tools

Zoom brings state-of-the-art teaching tools like presentations, Zoom interactive whiteboard, and multimedia sharing, allowing you to conduct interactive sessions. Zoom’s recording feature is also a convenient way to help students revise or let students who missed a tuition session catch up.


How does Zoom work for tutoring?


Zoom is a comprehensive tutoring solution. It lets you schedule classes with students from all around the world.

Zoom’s Breakout room feature allows you to put students in different groups or rooms. This feature is helpful if you are grouping students for projects or organising them into different classes. 

Advanced features (available with a paid subscription) also let you monitor attendance and screen-time through a comprehensive analytics panel. 


What is Zoom’s interactive whiteboard?


The Zoom interactive whiteboard is a powerful collaboration tool that allows everyone on the Zoom meeting to collectively draw, edit or change existing content in the virtual whiteboard. So Zoom’s interactive whiteboard simulates the actual whiteboard online by allowing people to work on the same project. It lets you show the working of a maths equation, the spelling of a tough word, or teach the students punctuation.

If you plan to use Zoom’s interactive whiteboard you need to register for the Zoom rooms feature, which costs £39 per month. 


Improving your Zoom tutoring experience


Are you often disturbed by an unmuted student, background noise, or chat messages? 

You can use several features within Zoom to improve your tutoring experience. Zoom allows the meeting host to control several communication parameters like audio, video, chat, and screen-share settings. 

As for making tutoring efficient and easier to manage, the app offers interesting add-ons ranging from auto transcribe features to Google Calendar integrations. You can also change your background to a suggested or custom virtual background. 

Zoom is a platform designed for seamless online communication in both casual and professional settings. It is an excellent online tutoring tool that can help you conduct and manage your classes with ease. We recommend watching Zoom’s short Youtube series How To Zoom in order to understand the more complex features well.

Once you have understood the benefits of using Zoom for tutoring and want to get started, we urge you to register as a  GoStudent tutor. We can help you find students that would love to learn via Zoom and support you throughout your online tutoring journey.