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  1. Are there summer camps in London?
  2. How much does summer camp cost in London?

Wondering what are the best summer camps in London 2022? Well, if you’re looking for summer camps in London for teenagers then you’re in luck, because there are loads to choose from! From languages to drama, and from music to art, the options are endless – including summer day camps in London! Read on for more information on the best summer camps in London

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Are there summer camps in London? 


When people think about London, they think of the big metropolis: tall buildings, concrete walls, and the sluggish brown oozing Thames. But, despite the fact that this is a big and exciting city, there are lots of awesome urban summer camps to help children learn over the summer

We need to dispel the idea that a summer camp is like the Duke of Edinburgh where people camp in a soggy field. 🏕️ Many summer camps happen on school grounds when the local kids are all away for the summer break. 

London summer camps are great for parents who need to work but want to provide a fun summer learning experience for their kids over the summer. 

You have options from residential camps (where the kids sleep over at the camp) 🛌 or day camps (where you drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the evening). 


How much does a summer camp cost in London? 


As most summer camps in London are educational, they can cost quite a lot of money. 💸 In today’s society, in order to run a summer camp for kids, the facilitator needs qualifications, certificates, and insurance – all of which can cost quite a bit of money.  

On the lower end of the budget, you will find ‘camps’ that are essentially just a glorified baby-sitting service which will keep your children out of your hair. On the top end of the spectrum, you’ll find camps which immerse your child in learning: whether it is drama, drone-technology, or skating, there are experts out there waiting for you to sign up! 

But what is the most popular summer camp in London? What is the most expensive summer camp in London? What’s the cheapest summer camp in London? Read through our breakdown of these five summer camps to learn more… 

Tech Camp 🧑‍💻

Operating hours: 09.30 - 17.30 (5-day residential options available)

Price: £545 - £1,195

Age range: 11-17

Tech Camp is an awesome London summer experience which will allow your child to focus on technology. They have camps where you design video games, build laser tag equipment, learn how to 3D print, and even race drones! 🤓

Both their day camps and residential camps offer a 5-day programme which range from £545 to £1,195. 

Their cheapest summer camps in London are the non-residential 3D Game Design and the AI Assistant camps at £545 and £645 respectively. Their most expensive option is the residential drone racing camp at £1,195. 

You can find a breakdown of all of the summer camps they offer and prices on their website

Camp Horizons 🏓

Operating hours: Monday to Friday 08.15 - 17.45 

Price: £155 

Age range: 4 - 16

Unlike Tech Camp, Camp Horizon has no residential option and isn’t quite as tech-focused. Camp Horizon lets younger kids take part (Year 1 and above) and has a range of creative activities and games. ⚽

This is a great option if you want to keep your kids busy during the week on a budget so that you can get on with your work. 

Zebra Skate Camp 🛹

Operating hours: Monday to Friday 10.00 - 16.00 

Price: For the full five day programme costs are £345 per child (£245 for the half-day option). 

Age range: 5+

Zebra Skate Camp is an awesome skate-themed camp that will keep your child fit and active over the summer. If your child is into sports, we strongly recommend sending them to a sports camp.  

West End Stage Summer Camp 🎭

Operating hours: Sunday-Sunday (a seven-day residential course)

Price: £1,195

Age range: 8-21

If you want to send your child to an elite acting school so that they can be the next West End star, you might want to consider sending them to the West End Stage Summer Camp

For aspiring-actors aged 8 - 21, this week-long course offers all of the flamboyance and brilliance of the West End: drama, music and dance! 🎵🕺As well as being taught by the current West End stars, the children also get to try performing on a real West End stage. 

With accommodation included, this Sunday to Sunday summer camp costs £1,195

The company also has Broadway Babies courses for children aged 5-7. 

Rock & Roll Boot Camp 🥁

Operating hours: Sunday-Sunday (a seven-day residential course)

Price: £240 - £410

Age range: 8-16

If you are looking for summer camps in London for teenagers who love rock & roll, then look no further than Rock & Roll Boot Camp!

This one is a little bit more professional, so your child can only sign up if they have been learning their instrument for over a year (unless they are a singler). You can find all of the details about the course on their website!  

Hopefully this article has given you a flavour of the many wonderful opportunities which are available this summer. Summer holidays are a great opportunity to give children experiences which they will treasure for their entire lives. 

Don’t forget that, even though school is out for summer, our GoStudent tutors are here to offer one-to-one tuition to help your child keep on top of their studies and help them get back to school as prepared as possible! 

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Happy reading and happy summer! ☀️