Great Museums in the Capital - What is the Best Museum for Kids in London?


  1. What museum is best for kids in London?
  2. The British Museum
  3. London Transport Museum
  4. Science Museum London
  5. Museum of London
  6. Dulwich Picture Gallery
  7. Natural History Museum


During the long-awaited school holidays, there’s nothing kids love more than to go to the museum. Well, maybe not usually – but when you’re going to one of the best museums in London, your kids will definitely enjoy themselves! 

London is home to over 200 museums dotted around the capital, and many of them offer child-friendly exhibits and activities. Taking your kid to a museum for the day is a fantastic way to make learning fun, and it can work really well if your child is doing some summer learning during the holidays – a visit to the museum will give you lots to talk about. 🙌

If you’re hoping for a day out that won’t break the bank, you’re in luck - there are several free museums in London that are well-suited for bringing kids along. A visit to these museums will give you and your children a fun-filled and educational day out that they’ll love. We’ve put together a list of the best museums for kids in London to take the guesswork out of your day out – enjoy your day at the museum! kid-child-history-museum (2)

What museum is best for kids in London?


There are a number of great museums in London that are well-suited to kids. In fact, most of the bigger museums in London are geared towards children in some way, with interactive exhibits and kid-friendly activities. 

If you’re looking for free museums in London, there are several great options. In fact, most of the museums on our list are free of charge, including The British Museum, Museum of London, The Natural History Museum and The Science Museum. Most other museums in London are free for under 18s, while adults will need to pay for entry. Still, heading to the museum is always a cheap and educational day out! 

While all the museums on this list are well worth a visit, the best museums for kids in London depend on what your kids are interested in. If they’re particularly keen on animals and nature, the Natural History Museum is the perfect destination. If you have a toddler who loves cars, trains and trams, the London Transport Museum would be fascinating to them. 🚋


The British Museum 


The British Museum in Bloomsbury is one of the best museums in the world, and there’s plenty for kids to explore and discover. Displaying interesting objects and exhibitions from prehistoric to modern times, the museum offers plenty of kid-friendly events, activities and interactive experiences. The free Museum Missions are a great way to explore everything the great museum has to offer with your kids, and there are a range of trails available to bring the exciting history to life.  


London Transport Museum


Located in Covent Garden, the London Transport Museum is dedicated to bringing the history of London to life through transport history. Here, over 80 vehicles are on display including the world’s first Tube train and a world-famous red London bus. This well-known museum is ideal for taking kids along, with a range of child-friendly exhibits and activities. There are plenty of chances for kids to climb and play on the displays, and there’s also a fun interactive area dedicated to children from the ages 0-7 called All Aboard


Science Museum London


Going to the Science Museum with kids is a fantastic way to spend a day. The South Kensington-based museum offers a range of fascinating displays and activities, and it’s well-geared for kids as well as adults. Here, kids can see some of the greatest feats of humanity in the space of science, technology and engineering. For younger kids, The Garden is an exciting interactive space created especially for children between 3-6. Older kids will love spending time at Launchpad, where they can explore 50 hands-on science exhibits and experiments that are sure to keep their interest. 💡


Museum of London


The world-famous Museum of London can’t be missed if you’d like to take your kids to one of the best museums in the capital. Here, your kids can be taken along on a fascinating journey through London’s illustrious past. With over 2 million objects in its collection, the Museum of London is one of the world's biggest urban history museums. The museum is kid-friendly with plenty of spaces and activities dedicated to children. There are interesting events for toddlers during the week as well as free weekend events for families, so be sure to check out the schedule before your visit to make the most of what the museum has to offer. 


Dulwich Picture Gallery


Dulwich Picture Gallery is the oldest public art gallery in the UK, housing a fantastic art collection. Along with their regular displays, the gallery regularly puts on temporary exhibits that are well worth a visit. However, not everyone knows how well-suited Dulwich Picture Gallery is for kids – especially those that are artistically inclined. In fact, the gallery serves as a community hub of arts activity. Every month, families are welcomed to Art Sundays – all ages are welcome, but the sessions are mainly aimed at kids between the ages of 7-12-year-olds who are keen to explore their artistic side. There are also Family Fridays, where kids can take part in 'expressive art-inspired' activities. If you have an artsy kid on your hands, you can’t miss a visit to Dulwich Picture Gallery! 🎨


Natural History Museum


There’s no doubt that the Natural History Museum is one of the best museums in London, for kids and adults alike. Here, history is brought to life in the most interesting way, with a huge amount to see and do. Kids can get up close and personal with a life-sized model of a blue whale and a terrifying Tyrannosauros Rex dinosaur. Exhibiting a vast range of specimens from different parts of natural history, The Natural History Museum is a fantastic destination if you want your kids to learn about nature, geology, history, science and much more all in one place. 

We hope this list helps you plan some fun and educational trips to the museum with your kids! With so many fantastic museums for kids in London, you’re truly spoiled for choice. If you want to combat the summer slide and capitalise on the learning opportunities a visit to the museum presents, why not consider online tutoring sessions? At GoStudent, we have a range of skilled tutors available to help your child excel in their studies, and you can try a session for free to see if it’s a good fit!