The Best Rainy Day Activities in London With Kids


  1. Museum of London
  2. SEA LIFE London
  3. Royal Observatory
  4. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
  5. The London Aquatics Centre


There’s no doubt that bad weather can put a damper on everyone’s spirits – especially if you have bored kids in the house! Fortunately, there are plenty of fun activities you can do with your kids on a rainy day in London. If you’re hoping for a low-cost day out, there are many free indoor activities in the capital that could be a great fit for your kids. 

A lot of parents are having their kids do some summer learning –in fact, attending summer school has many benefits. If you want to do something educational and fun with your kids, there are plenty of attractions to visit in London that will help children learn and take an interest in the world around them. Even though it’s a rainy summer day, there’s no shortage of ways to make learning fun!

A rainy day in London is never cause to despair – with so many fantastic sights and experiences at your doorstep, why not get out there and explore? On rainy days, kids can get a little bored being in the house. Planning some fun days out with indoor activities for your family will help you avoid cabin fever and frustration setting in. If you live in London or want to make your way to the capital for a fun day out with your children, keep reading for our ultimate guide to the best rainy day activities in London with kids! ☔

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Museum of London


Going to a museum is a fantastic plan for a rainy day. Your kids will have hours of fun and learning at one of London’s interesting museums, such as the very popular Museum of London. With a wide range of child-friendly activities, interactive exhibits and even virtual reality 3D tours, it’s no surprise that the Museum of London is among the top museums for kids, teens and parents alike. 

Here, your family can discover the history of London and explore the many fascinating exhibits and artefacts the huge museum holds. In fact, you can walk along the streets of Victorian London within the museum rather than getting soaked as you wander the current streets of the capital in the rain. 🌧️ 


The SEA LIFE London Aquarium


There are plenty of places to go on a rainy day for families in London, but the SEA LIFE London Aquarium is an ideal spot if you’re looking for a rainy day indoor activity that is also interesting and educational to your kids. You can capitalise on the learning opportunities by having your kids draw or write about what they see on your day out after you come home – or you could even turn it into a bigger project.

The aquarium is home to 500 species of aquatic life. Here, kids will be able to see a vast variety of marine life, ranging from sharks and penguins to piranhas and the clownfish your kids will probably know from Finding Nemo. The aquarium is a fantastic destination for families with kids, as there are child-friendly educational talks and events as well as daily feedings.🐟 


Royal Observatory


There is a range of indoor activities in London that will be fun for kids and adults alike, and visiting one of the world’s most famous planetariums is one of the best. The Royal Observatory in Greenwich is a fascinating historical attraction with plenty to offer kids. It’s London’s only planetarium and is home to the meridian line and the UK's largest refracting telescope. Within the observatory, you can see fascinating planetarium shows, look at London's only public camera obscura and much more. A visit here is thoroughly informative and educational and is perfect for kids who are interested in or learning about astronomy, science and history

Keep in mind that just because it’s raining, that doesn’t mean you have to hide away inside the whole day – spending time in nature is great for kids in all weather. Why not put on some wellies and raincoats and bring umbrellas so you can go for a walk in beautiful Greenwich Park after your visit to the Royal Observatory? 🌳


Warner Bros. Studio Tour London


If your kids are doing some extra summer learning over the holidays and you want to reward them with a fun day out, going on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Harry Potter films is a real treat. 

On the magical tour The Making of Harry Potter, your family will get to see the movie sets, costumes and props used in the incredibly popular Harry Potter films. You’ll also get to go inside some of the well-known locations used in the films, such as Hogwarts’ Great Hall and Hagrid’s hut. A fantastic bonus of taking your kids on a Harry Potter studio tour is that they’ll definitely want to read the books behind the films – and we all know how beneficial reading is to kids! 📖


The London Aquatics Centre


Typical rainy day indoor activities at home for children may involve drawing or doing other quiet activities, but for active and excitable kids, this can quickly lead to cabin fever and frustration. Luckily, it’s possible to get your kids moving indoors without having to deal with the rain! 

The London Aquatics Centre is a fantastic day out for kids (and parents) of all ages. Here, kids will be able to swim and play in 50-metre pools. Kids over the age of 8 will love Aqua Splash, a fun 40-metre assault course that allows kids to run, jump and really expend some of that youthful energy. 🏊‍♀️

We hope this list helps you plan a fun and interesting day out with your kids even when it’s raining! There’s no doubt that London has plenty to offer families even when the sun isn’t shining. There are many exciting and fun indoor activities for kids in London, but there are a lot of kid-friendly summer activities you can take on at home too – be sure to check out our summer holiday survival guide for more tips! If you’d like to help your kids stay on track with their learning during the holidays too, why not try online tutoring? With GoStudent, the first trial lesson is free