A Short and Sweet Summer Holiday Survival Guide


  1. Have the right perspective
  2. Encourage your child to work on their interests and passions
  3. Factor in some learning


Our summer holiday survival guide can help you fill the summer with fun and learning for your child  — and our tips might just make the sunny season a little less stressful for you! 

It’s that time again  — all year, your child has probably been looking forward to summer, sun, fun and games 

For parents though, the summer holidays can be a little challenging at times! Suddenly, your child (or multiple children) are at home the whole day, in need of entertainment and care. 😊

For parents who need to juggle work alongside taking care of the kids, the summer can therefore be stressful! 

Well, fear not —  we’re here to offer you some easy and helpful tips to help you make the most of the summer holidays and ensure your child is happy and having fun. ☀️

woman on sun lounger next to her child doing summer tutoring online

Have the right perspective 


Keep in mind that while the summer holidays can be a little stressful for parents, the summer is, and should be, a really fun time for your kid! 😎

Kids spend a lot of their time with the everyday routines of school and homework and the summer is an important opportunity for them to enjoy just being kids. 

Playing outside, interacting with nature, making new friends, maybe going on a trip — the summer holidays offer kids many opportunities for learning, growing and having fun! 

The summer holidays are only a few precious weeks of the year, and you can fill this time with plenty of fun and happy times for your family. 💗

Your child will likely look back on their summer holidays fondly and with plenty of good memories when they’re older! ☀️ 


Encourage your child to work on their interests and passions


The summer holidays are the perfect time for your child to devote some extra time to whatever they might be interested in. 👍

For example, is your child keen on learning how to play the guitar? The summer is perfect for spending some time tinkering with an instrument on their own, or you can suggest classes that’ll help them develop their skills more effectively. ✔️

Do you have a brainy child who’s interested in coding? Or maybe your kid wants to practice their reading or writing or work on learning another language? 🌎

If you think your kid could benefit from some extra help with their learning, GoStudent has an amazing team of friendly and professional tutors who can help. Check out our options for online tutoring, and get in touch if you have any questions! 

We also have some great resources for you —  check out our tips for improving math skills or our top 5 apps for language learning! 🙌


Factor in some learning


The summer is actually a great time for your kid to do some self-learning. 

Now, it might not sound like a very fun idea to your kid at first, but if you frame it in a positive light, they just might get on board faster than you think! 😀

There are many fun ways for kids to learn, keep up their skills and knowledge in a certain field, and develop their understanding of particular concepts further. ✔️

For example, why not use a fun and educational app? 📱 Edplus and Spelling Stage are a couple of great ones, but there are much more available online!

Many of these are designed like games, so your child might be enjoying the kid-friendly learning style so much that they forget they’re actually learning and not just having fun. 🙌 All the while, they’re working on their abilities and will be that much more ready for the next school year come autumn! ✨

If you’re not sure about summer learning, why not check out our article debunking summer learning myths?

We hope this guide will help you have the best summer ever with your child!  🌞 

Remember, we have a range of helpful and experienced tutors available who can help your child with whatever they might need. 📝 

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