5 Ways to Get Your Child Excited About History


1. How can I encourage my child to be interested in history? 

2. Attend an interactive museum

3. Watch videos

4. Read stories about historical characters

5. Help your child to explore interactive history websites

6. Visit historical sights


Understanding history and its significance is super important. The earlier a child is given the chance to learn about history, the more likely they are to gain a passion for it. You might be wondering how you can bring history to life for your kids and get them interested in learning more –  GoStudent is here to help!

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How can I encourage my child to be interested in history? 


Generally, history has a stigma of being a bit boring and monotonous – especially for kids. Thankfully, there are countless resources available that prove it’s quite the opposite!

History is a record of amazing events and people that shaped our world into what it is today. There’s a lot to learn from studying history. ✨

By teaching our children the significance of history, we can create future teachers and leaders who are educated and passionate. But as a parent with a busy life, you may be wondering how you can spark an interest in history in your child.

Here are 5 easy ways that you can get your child excited about history today: 


1. Attend an interactive museum


Interactive museums are museums that focus less on reading and information and more on engaging and participative experiences. Interactive museums are great for kids because they can really help bring history to life. 🎉

A hands-on experience will not only entertain your child – it will give them a memorable experience that will have them learning things without them even realizing it.

There are several great museums for children in London, so you’ll be spoiled for choice! 


2. Watch videos


Does your child enjoy watching videos and clips on the internet? Make them educational! YouTube is full of educational history video channels for kids, 📺 offering plenty of options for every age category. Here are some of our favorites:

  •   Schmoop: This channel pairs historical stories with entertaining graphics, creating an engaging experience for kids of any age.
  •   Epic History TV: These exciting movie-like videos of historic events provide interesting and realistic imagery that can really bring the events to life for kids.
  •   Homeschool Pop: These videos have cute animations that make this channel ideal for even the youngest learners.

3. Read stories about historical characters


Everyone knows that kids love a superhero! 🦸 Fictitious heroes like Superman or Elsa are commonly loved, but there is no shortage of real-life superheroes in history.

A great way to teach kids about these heroes is through reading. Not sure where to begin? Check out the Little People, Big Dreams series – it’s very popular with kids! 

If you’d really like to support your child’s interest in history, you may also consider online tutoring. We have a great group of tutors skilled in teaching a range of subjects, including history, to children of all ages. 


4. Help your child explore interactive history websites


Did you know that your child can play educational, interactive games online? 🌐 Use that screen time for good and try out these websites:

These interesting, educational websites are fun for kids to use, and will help them learn at the same time.

Keep in mind that your child learning about history is not about memorizing facts and dates – that can come later. It’s a great idea to introduce your child to history in a way that will encourage them to ask questions and want to learn more.


5. Visit historical sights


Taking your child to see a historical sight in person will give them a tangible memory of exploration and learning. 🏛️ Don’t worry if you’re unable to travel to nationally renowned sites or parks – take pride in exploring the area near you, teaching your child history about local communities along the way.

It’s a great idea to foster a love of exploration while your children are young. The unmatched curiosity of a child can develop into an authentic and ever-growing desire to learn – so by encouraging their interests as children, you can help your kids find a true passion for history that will follow them into their teenage years and adulthood. 

At GoStudent, we’re all about helping kids develop their understanding of the most important subjects taught in schools today. You can try our tutoring sessions out for free to see how it works for your child before committing – schedule a free trial lesson with us to see how we can help your child learn! 

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