Make Your Summer Learning Fun: Our Top Tips for Parents


  1. Check What's On
  2. Get Crafty
  3. Keep on Learning
  4. Helping Hands


School’s out! Your little ones are probably jumping for joy at the thought of the summer holidays. For parents, however, summer break can be a tricky time.

We understand if the looming summer holidays fill you with dread, especially after a year when our kids have already spent so much time at home. But have no fear! We’re here with our holiday survival guide so you can take the stress out of summer.

woman on sun lounger next to her child doing summer tutoring online

Tip #1 : Check What’s On 🗺️

After so long stuck inside, it’s wonderful that normality is slowly but surely creeping its way back into our lives. While it’s still important to be conscious of social distancing and restrictions, there will definitely be some fun activities for kids taking place in your area this summer. 🚗

There’s nothing like a British summer. Strawberries and cream, trips to the seaside, and soft whip ice cream. Embrace the great outdoors this summer!

Websites such as Countryfile and Visit England feature some wonderful ideas for summer holiday activities. If you’re budget conscious, plenty of fun can also be had for free. Why not take a long walk through the forest and pick wild blackberries? We encourage you to get your kids out and about, it will do wonders for both them and you, especially after a year and a half of lockdown. 🚶🏾

If you’re wondering what’s on in your area, check out the local newspapers for listings. There are often free local events in parks, as well as fun kids clubs like dance and football. Take a look at the wonderful Club Hub which lists a huge selection of holiday activities kids clubs across the UK. 🤺

If you find yourself struggling with what to do, pick up a paper, check online, or pack a rucksack and go outside. 🎒

Tip #2: Get Crafty 🧶

Not every day of the summer holidays has to be packed with outside adventures. Keep it simple. Kids love to get crafty all year round and the summer holidays provide a great opportunity to indulge in messy play and fun art projects. 🎨

Stock up on coloured pencils, huge sheets of paper, and poster paints to keep kids occupied for hours. Providing them with crafty materials will help them avoid too much screen time. Plus, crafting is a fun activity they can enjoy with their friends. Check out fun websites like Arts and Crafts for Kids or even browse Pinterest for inspiration. ✍️

Getting arty not only keeps little ones entertained, it also helps them learn. If you’ve been foraging in the forest, why not collect some flowers or leaves along the way and make an art project out of them? There are tons of ways to get creative this summer and your kids will love to learn through art and play. 🖍️

Tip #3: Keep on Learning 📚

Just because school’s out, doesn’t mean your kids should stop learning. While they’re probably not going to be keen on the idea of doing sums or spelling tests in the holidays, there are ways to make learning fun this summer. 😀

If you’ve had some fun days out, encourage your child to keep a summer holiday diary. They can dress it up with stickers and pictures all while practising their reading and writing. ✍️

The summer holidays also provide a great opportunity to teach your child skills like cooking. Kids love to help out in the kitchen. Ask them to help you prepare sandwiches for a picnic or spend a day baking cookies or cupcakes. You never know, you might have a world-class baker on your hands! 🧁

Day trips to historical places like castles offer a fun and interactive way to talk to your kids about history. A fun, family day out combined with interactive learning. What’s not to love? 🏰

Take advantage of the summer holidays to teach your kids things they might not necessarily learn at school. Things like dance, gymnastics, and board games are all great ways to keep your child learning while still having fun. 🩰

Tip #4 : Helping Hands 👐

Many parents still have to work during the summer holidays. To make the time as stress-free as possible, be sure to get organised early when it comes to things like childcare and playdates. Figure out when you’ll need extra help and do your best to organise it in advance. ☎️

What’s more, encourage your kids to help you out a little bit around the house. Not being at school doesn’t mean lying around in front of the T.V. all day. Children are often keen to lend a helping hand, especially when there’s a chance to earn a little pocket money.

Write them a list of chores to complete throughout the day, simple stuff like hanging the washing or doing the dishes. This will keep them busy, help you out, and encourage their learning. 🧹

With these tips, you’re totally summer holiday ready. Don’t forget to give yourself a break this summer too. It’s been a hard time for everyone lately. Not every day has to be packed with activities. Keep it simple and enjoy. ⛱️

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