Rainy Day in Birmingham: 10 Kid-Friendly Weatherproof Ideas


  1. Rainy day in Birmingham: learning and playing while staying dry
  2. 10+ Rainy day activities in Birmingham


Holidays and weekends are a time for kids to relax, recuperate, and spend time with loved ones! As every Brit knows, however, UK weather is less than reliable when planning outings. So, what do you do when it’s raining cats and dogs, and your children are climbing the walls? 🙃

We’ve pulled together a list of our top 10 activities for a rainy day in Birmingham to keep you and your family inspired and entertained – especially for those days when the heavens have opened. ☔rainy day in Birmingham

Rainy day in Birmingham: learn, play, and stay dry


It’s a rainy day in Birmingham, and you’re looking for some indoor activities for families near you. There are hundreds of free indoor activities in Birmingham, so what makes our top 10 list so special? 🤔

With one eye on family fun and the other on education, we’ve crafted a list of activities that will keep everybody entertained and encourage some hands-on experiential learning. Visiting inspiring places and engaging with educational content is a great way to beat everything from the summer slide to general boredom. 

We’ve curated our list according to school subjects! From science to history, sports and technology, we’ve got the perfect indoor activities for children according to their favourite subjects below. 📚


10+ rainy day activities in Birmingham


Whether your child is a budding biologist, a promising painter, or a hopeful historian, we’ve got the perfect rainy day activities in Birmingham for them. There are plenty of places to go on a rainy day for families; just take your pick according to your child’s favourite subjects. 🌧️


✳️ The Thinktank Science Museum is an excellent option for kids curious about the world around them. With over 200 interactive exhibits, a planetarium, 4D cinema, and a cafe on-site, there is more than enough to keep you busy without having to worry about the weather.

✳️ Or, you could visit Erasmus Darwin House, Charles Darwin’s grandfather's previous home. This is a brilliant option for various ages with hands-on exhibits, a Georgian dress-up area, reading zones, and loads of craft activities. Don’t forget to check out the incredible fossils!


✳️ For those who enjoy history, the National Trust’s Birmingham Back-to-Backs are a must-see. Originally built in the 1800s for working-class families, these houses have been carefully restored, ready for you to take a guided tour. Your kids will get an extraordinary insight into what life was like in Birmingham during the Industrial Revolution.

✳️ Although the Black Country Living Museum is an open-air museum, there is plenty of fun to be had on a rainy day. From taking a ride on a heritage vehicle, to live industrial demonstrations, a 1912 school lesson, and a 1920s vintage cinema, there is a massive amount of unique entertainment on offer.

Design & Technology

✳️ Does your child enjoy trying out the latest gadgets? Then perhaps a day full of VR experiences would inspire them. Birmingham has several VR destinations to choose from. For kids aged 12 and over, OTHERWORLD offers a trip to a desert island with 16 VR experiences to boot. 

✳️ Alternatively, you could try the Matrix VR virtual reality arcade, with a whole bunch of games to choose from for a truly interactive experience.

Art & Design

✳️ Cafe Craft offers kids and adults alike the opportunity to be creative. Pottery painting is both simple and relaxing. You don't have to be an artist to create a masterpiece! They supply the materials, atmosphere, and inspiration – you simply provide the imagination.

Physical Education

✳️ Snow Dome in Tamworth boasts an indoor ski slope and caters to adrenaline junkies of all ages. Your kids can learn to ski or snowboard, go tobogganing, start ice skating, try climbing and even enjoy a swim!

Food Technology

✳️ Foster your child's love of cooking and get your budding little chef involved in a kid-friendly cooking class. Cook Stars classes are suitable for kids as young as two and will teach your child about cooking fundamentals such as: measuring, shape cutting, decorating, rolling, and much more.


✳️Take a trip to The Library of Birmingham. Not just any library, this is a ten-level building that also houses an amphitheatre, two terraces, children’s spaces, and a panoramic viewing gallery at the top where you can enjoy stunning views from one of the highest points in the city.


✳️ Ash End House Children’s Farm is small, friendly, and mostly protected from rain. There are lots of farm animals to stroke and feed, a Big Play barn as well as a shire horse and a falconry centre. Look out for ‘Allotment Days’ during the school holidays – perfect for any green-fingered little one!

Just for fun

✳️ Don’t forget to just have some fun! What kid doesn’t love a good board game? Head on over to Chance & Counters and try out one of the 500 games on offer there, eat some delicious food and enjoy a selection of tasty drinks. 

If you are looking for something engaging and educational for your child to enjoy no matter the weather, why not try a free trial lesson with GoStudent? Our tutors are experts at bringing subjects to life, boosting academic success, and having fun along the way! Get in touch and see how it can work for you today. 🎒