SQA Results day 2022: Scottish Exam Results and How to Get Them


  1. Qualifications in Scotland
  2. Scottish exam results during the covid pandemic
  3. Assessment of Scottish exam results 2022
  4. What date do Scottish exam results 2022 come out?
  5. SQA reults day: How do get my Scottish exam results 2022?
  6. Scottish exam results 2022: FAQ


Tens of thousands of pupils will find out their grades as the Scottish Qualifications Authority publishes all Scottish exam results 2022 later this year. Come the autumn, every student that took the National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams in Scotland will have their results in their hands. 🤩

Whether you are currently undertaking your exams or the parent of a child eagerly awaiting their results, this guide will get you ready for results day 2022. 👇

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Qualifications in Scotland


Scotland takes a different approach to education, academic years and qualifications than the rest of the UK. In principle, Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence system is designed to deliver a flexible learning experience to students by facilitating their individual needs, abilities and learning capacities across several years. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

National courses – set by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) – have seven different levels; National 1 to 5 then Higher and Advanced Higher. Courses at National 2, National 3, and National 4 levels are not graded – the units that make up the course are assessed as pass or fail. Courses at National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher are graded A–D. 💯

Scottish secondary education also lasts for six years as opposed to seven in the rest of the UK. For the first three years of senior school, pupils follow what is called the Broad General Education. Then in the fourth year – ages 14–16 – they will study for National 1–5s depending on what their attainment level in each subject is. 

In most Scottish schools, a fourth-year student would likely sit National 4 or 5s. If they decide to stay on for a fifth year, they can sit more National 4 or 5s and progress to Highers, the qualification that gives them access to university. It's the results day for these exams, set and graded by SQA, that we will be discussing below. 🧑‍🎓


Scottish exam results during the covid pandemic


It’s been a turbulent couple of years for students and schools across the UK and Scotland have been no exception. 

In 2020, grades for National 5s, Highers and Advanced Highers were based on teacher estimates – built around preliminary results and submitted course work. Controversially, the previous performance of the school in exams was also taken into account when marking grades. This system was heavily criticised as approximately 125,000 exam results were downgraded. 🙍

2021 saw exams cancelled in Scotland for the second year in a row. An ‘alternative certification model’ was formed whereby pupils were graded based on assessments that had been conducted in school, which were then submitted to SQA. A survey by the Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association revealed just 20 per cent of school teachers thought this system was “fair and reasonable”. 🧑‍🏫


Assessment of Scottish exam results 2022


For 2022, modifications to the assessment requirements for each National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher course were made. The modifications aimed to help reduce the volume of assessment and ease teacher, lecturer and learner workload while maintaining the credibility of these qualifications. 👍

In response to the new measures, the SQA said: “In recognition of the disruption that learners have faced over the last two years, and the different approaches to assessment, this year we are prepared to be more generous in our approach to grading than in a normal year to factor in the impact of the pandemic on learners.


What date do Scottish exam results 2022 come out?


All SQA exams, that’s National 5s, Highers and Advanced Highers, are taking place from 26 April to 1 June 2022. So, on to that all-important question – what date are SQA results released? The answer: Tuesday 9 August 2022. 📅


How do get my Scottish exam results 2022?


National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher candidates across Scotland will receive their SQA results certificates by post. Certificates will arrive on Tuesday 9 August and if you signed up for MySQA you'll get your results by text or email on Tuesday 9 August too. 📜

Universities and colleges will also be informed of the results of young people who applied to their courses through UCAS. Those who don’t receive their results are advised to contact their school or college immediately.


SQA Results day

Scottish exam results 2022: FAQ


There is no such thing as a stupid question! We are here to help you get prepared to collect your Scottish exam results 2022 on Tuesday 9 August. Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions below – hopefully, we’ve covered everything you need but if not, we recommend contacting your school or SQA directly with any further questions you might have. 🙋

What date do SQA results 2022 come out?

All SQA results for National 5s, Higher and Advanced Higher exams will be released on Tuesday 9 August 2022.

How can I get my National 5 results?

National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher candidates across Scotland will all receive their SQA exam results certificates by post. You can also choose to receive results by text and/or email by registering with MySQA.

What time are National 5 results released?

National 5 results day is Tuesday 9 August 2022 – you will receive your SQA exam results certificates by post. If you’ve registered with MySQA, you can also choose to receive your results from 8 am by text and/or email. 📲

How do I find my Scottish candidate number?

You can find your Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) on one of your previous SQA certificates. If you don't have an SQA certificate, you can speak to your school, call the SQA directly on 0345 279 1000 or complete their Candidate Enquiry Form.

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Is there a deadline for signing up to MySQA?

Yes. If you want to receive your National Qualification results by email and text on Tuesday 9 August 2022, you'll have to sign up and activate your account by 5 pm Wednesday 20 July 2022

Are appeals possible for Scottish exam results 2022?

Yes. In 2022, all learners will continue to have free direct access to the appeals service and a priority service will also be available for those applying to university, college, training or employment. More information about the full appeals process can be found on the SQA website.

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