Do it like Denise: Tutoring with GoStudent



1. Why Denise is our favourite celebrity mum - and the face of our latest campaign!

2. Denise Van Outen Q&A - balancing work, life and being a mum

3. Why Gostudent: The benefits according to Denise Van Outen

4. Hear it from her: We talk to Betsy



1. Why Denise is our favourite celebrity mum - and the face of our latest campaign!

Best known for stand-out West End and Broadway performances, as well as being a series regular on popular TV shows like Celebrity Gogglebox & TV presenting on shows such as Steph’s Packed Lunch. She’s also an amazing DJ - there’s really nothing Denise Van Outen can’t do!

Denise’s teenage daughter Betsy has been using GoStudent to support her learning and to get ready to start the new school year with confidence. 

Denise says, "I'm thrilled to be a part of GoStudent's mission to make quality education accessible to all students, with my daughter, Betsy, being a prime example. The platform considers her special educational needs and unique learning preferences and implements them into her tutoring schedule, giving her the best education possible.”

With 83% of parents believing that education is the key to student's success, it’s so important that every child unlocks their full potential - whether they’re achieving top marks across the board or need extra support. 

Denise Van Outen is part of that 83% - she wants the best for her daughter Betsy, who has been trying out GoStudent.

Her dedication to her daughter’s learning is why we chose Denise for our campaign - because don’t we all want to unlock our children’s potential?

Plus, 95% of students improve with GoStudent*, so why not book a free trial today? 

*based on a survey of 1,628 UK/IRE parents and students conducted in March 2023

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2. Denise Van Outen Q&A - balancing work, life and being a mum

Denise is a busy working mum, like so many of the parents who chose GoStudent, so we asked her lots of questions, from how to create the perfect environment for learning to what her daughter Betsy loves about GoStudent. Keep reading to find out more.

Hi Denise! So how do you balance work and parenting responsibilities?

Being a busy working mom, it's a juggle, but I manage it because I've just applied a certain few rules with my daughter. I make sure that I'm there to do school, drop off and school pickups. I also in the evening make sure that my daughter is my main focus. So we sit down, we talk about our day at school and any worries that she might have, and I just make sure that she has my undivided attention. 

That undivided attention is so important for parenting! On that, how do you foster a positive, supporting learning environment at home?

It's really important to create the right environment at home, especially for studying and for my daughter to actually retain information. So no distractions, the TV is off, just very little noise. And also I just make sure that I'm on hand should Betsy need me.

What strategy strategies have you found helpful in motivating Betsy to study?

I think the best thing you can do for kids is to talk about the long-term goal and the rewards. My daughter's like all kids on social media, they all want this nice life. But I tried to show her as well because I'm a really busy working mom that you only get these sorts of rewards if you apply yourself and if you work hard. And I think she's listening, right? 

That’s great and hopefully will be useful to our parents! 


3. Why Gostudent: The benefits according to Denise Van Outen


What have you found are some of the benefits of using GoStudent?

The benefit for us of using GoStudent is first of all, you can stay at home and you haven't got somebody to come into the house. You know, it's very difficult when Betsy has been at school all day and for her to then have somebody come to the house, it can be very disruptive. But to do remote learning is just brilliant.

It's also something that I feel a lot of kids have kind of got used to because they did it in lockdown. So it's not alien to them now and it just feels like a natural thing to do. I just think it's brilliant because it just means that Betsy can choose the subjects that she's really struggling in and she can work on those ones specifically. And she just said to me, she really enjoys it. The great thing at GoStudent is if you find the right tutor, which they help you to find, it becomes much easier. Betsy has a great connection with her tutor and she gets excited to speak to her. 

Denise’s daughter Betsy has special education needs, so we asked Denise how this impacts Betsy and her learning.

What do you think are some of the challenges Betsy faces in school?

I think the biggest challenge for Betsy in a classroom is having lots of other pupils in the classroom because they make noise or they learn at different paces, you know? Betsy sometimes feels like other kids are ahead of her, so it can knock her confidence a little bit. That's why I think having this opportunity to do online learning separate from others means that she can really focus and retain the information. 

Can you share any tips for parents and children with special education needs? If you have a child like I have with Betsy with learning difficulties, it can be tricky because you do have to look after them a little bit more and give them a bit more care and more attention. But I think just do everything that you can to help them through school so they feel confident.

If you can get through school with confidence and enjoy schooling, then you're going to have a better adult life working career. I think especially with Betsy, we talked about and we discussed it where I said there's anything you need help with, just let me know. We just keep a dialogue going. She did say to me there are some subjects she really struggles with.

What subject does Betsy struggle with most?

Betsy was really struggling in history because she could remember a  lot of the dates and you know, everything for her was a bit jumbled. When you've got a child that's got dyslexia, then it's hard to learn things from a page. She needs to apply herself a little bit more. So history is something that we've done with GoStudent and it's helped massively and actually, she's found it more fun because she hasn't got the disruption of other people in the class asking questions, and all the focus is on her. 

Maths has always been a little bit of an issue. And again, I've seen her grow in confidence, having the one-on-one tutoring with maths that's helped a lot. She was really struggling in French. That's something that Betsy’s found very, very difficult. She did a test, even though they gave her extra time, less in a classroom, which they do with kids with learning problems, she still really struggled. Having the tutoring means that she's up to pace now, she's picked up. 

4. Hear it from her: what does Betsy think?

We asked Betsy about her favourite things, and of course, what she thinks about using GoStudent.
When Betsy grows up, she wants to be a singer or a baker, her favourite thing to bake is cakes. When it comes to school, her favourite subject is English. Denise adds that she always gets an A.

When it comes to the hard parts about studying, Betsy finds homework challenging, as well as things and numbers and fractions. Subject-wise, French and History are the hardest for Betsy.

We asked Betsy about her experience using GoStudent.

How would you describe your lessons with GoStudent in 3 words?
Betsy: Fun, encouraging and positive.

What’s your favourite thing about your GoStudent lessons and/or tutor?
Betsy: Much. It makes it easier for me to understand in my case. She's really nice and she's really patient and really good to talk to.

Are you going to carry on using GoStudent?
Betsy: Yeah, definitely. I’m thinking about my exams and future tests at school.
Denise: Yeah, you've definitely benefited. So if you've got the same issues and you're struggling with school, then give it a go. 

With Betsy continuing her lessons with GoStudent, why not try it for yourself? Sign up for a free, no-obligation trial and see if it’s right for you.