Best Summer Jobs for Teachers


  1. Should teachers get a summer job?
  2. What are good summer jobs for teachers?
  3. What is the highest-paying summer job?


Ah, the school summer holidays. They can only mean the Three R’s – rest, relaxation and rejuvenation, right? Well, maybe not. It seems that it’s becoming more and more common for teachers to get summer jobs while school’s out. If you’re thinking of banking some extra bucks come July, we’ve compiled some of the best part time summer jobs for teachers.

teachers and student at summer camp


Should teachers get a summer job?


While six weeks off sounds like the absolute dream, that’s a lot of hours and days. Sure, marking schoolwork and creating jazzy new lesson plans for the new term will take up some time – but what then?

Well, you could always skill up! Attending courses and acquiring new qualifications or certifications is a great way to add strings to your bow and more flex to your CV.

But if you still think you’ll have energy to burn and you want to make extra cash, maybe a part time job is just what you need. Just make sure that ‘energy to burn’ doesn’t turn into ‘burnout’ because no one wants you returning to school in September super-frazzled when you should be super-fresh. 🥰


What are good summer jobs for teachers?


  • Teaching ESL online
Teaching English as a second language (ESL) online is a popular way for teachers to make income at home – all you need is a good internet connection, a computer, a headset and a quiet room. There are hundreds of companies to choose from and one of the best things about being an online ESL teacher is the flexibility. More of a night owl? Take the night shift and sleep during the day. Want to save your evenings for barbecues on the beach? Grab those daytime hours – the choice is yours. 💻

Not only is it a great opportunity to meet students from around the world, but you can also choose the age group you teach as there are ESL companies that specialise in teaching adults as well as children.
It’s not poorly paid either; the average hourly rate for an ESL teacher in the UK is about £13 an hour. Pair that with the true satisfaction of helping students learn another language and you’ve got yourself a sweet side hustle.

  • Summer camp

If you’re looking for outdoor summer jobs for teachers, get ready for camp! Teach kids new skills and help them make new friends, all while being outside in the fresh air – bliss! 🙌
There are summer camps that focus on water sports, drama, horse riding, adventure, and even set-ups that run especially for teenagers if you don’t have enough experience with younger kids. Keen? Check out the best UK summer camps for kids here.
  • Hospitality

You might be tempted by a completely different scene altogether come summer, so why not see if any local bars, cafés or restaurants are hiring? With it being peak season, it’s certain to be busy – especially if you live in a tourist hotspot – so the demand for temporary staff will be high.

We know what you’re thinking – being on your feet all day for about £9 per hour while your friends are at the beach? One word: tips. Never underestimate the generosity of happy holidaymakers in the summer. 🤑

Plus, it’s a great way of meeting new people, perfect for all the social butterflies out there. 🦋
  • Writing/editing/proofreading

Fancy yourself a wordsmith? Sites like Fiverr and Upwork allow for people to advertise a service they’re in need of, and if you think you fit the bill you can put yourself forward for the job. It’s not the best-paying option – unless you strike lucky – but if you like working from home and having the flexibility to pick up a job when you want or have the time, then this could be for you.

  • Uber

If a summer spent driving around your local town or city while being asked “been busy?” over and again sounds like a breeze, sign yourself up for Uber. Another great option for those seeking flexibility, you can work as much or as little as you want – you are your own boss. We recommend that you check out the UK site for the exact requirements, but a good start would be your own car and a valid driver’s licence, of course. 🚗

  • Virtual assistant

Do you like working from home? Tick. Are you organised? Tick. Are you a whizz on computers? Double tick. You should be a virtual assistant! As someone who would be helping business owners with various tasks, each role will vary but responsibilities typically include calendar management, making phone calls, organising emails, booking travel, making presentations, data entry, personal errands and so on.
As teachers, hard work and multitasking run through your veins so we know you got this. 💪


What is the highest-paying summer job?


While we all know that money isn’t everything, it’s certainly nice to have. Therefore, setting yourself up as a private tutor over the summer could be just what your bank account needs. 💰

Findings from Teacher Tapp, a daily survey app where data from the input of thousands of teachers is collated, suggest that one in four secondary teachers do some private tutoring on the side.

Just because school’s out doesn’t mean studying is too! Quite the contrary, in fact. Parents still want their children to be academically stimulated during the holidays, and what better way to keep their young minds engaged than hiring a tutor? Consider advertising your services on social media, or get yourself known by word of mouth – everyone knows someone who has children, right?

Besides being your own boss and deciding what you charge, helping children study over the summer – online or face-to-face – could be just what you need to make sure you’re on peak form come September! 🤓

Speaking of tutors, why not register to become a GoStudent tutor? It’s an exciting and flexible way to make money – register now!

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