How Much Should You Pay a Tutor Per Hour? Our Rate Breakdown


  1. How much should you pay a tutor per hour?
  2. What contributes to the price of a one-on-one tutoring session?
  3. The average per hour price
  4. Why is tutoring so expensive?
  5. Is tutoring worth it?
  6. How much does GoStudent cost per session?


Tutoring is a great revision tool that can help build you child’s confidence when preparing for exams, tests and assignments. For some students, it’s the best way to ensure they’re on track with their schoolwork.

If your kid is finding their schoolwork difficult and they need help, finding them a tutor is a great way to get them back on track. You’ve heard of tutoring, but isn’t private tuition expensive? Doesn’t it have to be done in-person? Doesn’t it only cover subjects like Maths and Languages? Keep on reading to find

How much should you pay per hour for online or in-person tutoring? 


On average, private tuition costs between £30 and £50 per hour, although rates may vary depending on location and subject. There are also a few more budget-friendly, yet still fully accredited options available; it just takes a bit more research to find these. 


What determines the price of a one-on-one tutor session?


  • Tutor qualifications 

As with any paid service, you want to know that you’re getting your money’s worth. One way of telling whether or not the service is worth it is by checking if the tutors are qualified. If they are, what is their qualification and is it from an accredited institution?

In most countries, tutors aren’t required to have any specific qualifications. However, if you’re paying someone to tutor your child, you would hope that they’re at least qualified in a field of study that relates to the subject they’re covering. 

  • Tutor experience

The more experience the tutor has, the more they’re likely to charge. And tutors with formal training may charge more, especially when their services are offered independently. That’s why parents often prefer using tutoring networks where a flat rate is charged. 

  • Tutor travel expenses 

Fortunately, for the most part, travel expenses no longer impact the rate your tutor will charge. However, if you do choose to work with an independent tutor, their preferred set-up may be online for now. Some tutors prefer to have in-person sessions. In this case, be prepared for travel expenses to impact their rates. 


Here are the average prices per hour price for the most popular school subjects:


  • Physics – £45 to £50
  • Chemistry – £42 to £45 
  • Maths – £40 to £45 
  • English/English Literature – £35 to £40 
  • Biology – £35 to £38
  • German – £45 to £50
  • French – £42 to £47

Why is tutoring so expensive? 💸


Studies show that tutoring is more common in affluent households. And although in many cases it’s vital to the success of many, very few families can actually afford it. Time, effort, planning and preparation on the tutor’s behalf are the most common reasons for private tuition being more costly. 


Is tutoring worth it? 👏


With GoStudent, you’re almost guaranteed to see an improvement in your child’s grades as a result of regular tutoring. At GoStudent, our tutors work with your child on a one to one basis, creating learning plans to suit their specific needs.

Private tuition can also extend beyond assisting with general schoolwork.

Private tutors come in handy when your child is interested in learning a skill or subject that isn’t offered by their school, such as a second language. In this case, private tuition is well worth it. 


How much does GoStudent cost per session?


Prices are between £19.20 and £26.90 per session, depending on the type and duration of the collaboration. 

Qualified and experienced, GoStudent tutors are willing and ready to help with a wide range of subjects. They’re also equipped to assist kids of varying learning abilities and requirements.

By using visual aids, story-telling and a variety of other engagement-based tools depending on the needs of the child, our tutors make learning fun and enjoyable. 

To date we have helped countless children prepare for tests, complete assignments and improve their confidence. Not convinced? Book your free trial session today, and see for yourself! 

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