Simple Summer Learning Activities


  1. Summer bucket list
  2. Outdoor picnic
  3. Record breakers
  4. Moon journal
  5. Be a scientist
  6. Join a reading challenge
  7. Schedule some tutoring


Summer break has just begun and already the kids are bored. How will you ever make it until school begins again?! Try one of these simple summer learning activities. Your kids will love them, plus they will learn a thing or two, and stop whinging to you about being bored. It’s a win-win!

If you're wondering how you can make summer learning fun for your kids? Don't stress - we have some simple, fun activities you can do today!

Parents sometimes make the mistake of trying to make summer learning the same as school learning. But kids are ready for a change! Send them outside to learn in nature, and plan some fun activities that will be entertaining as well as educational! ✨


Start with a summer activity bucket list


Ask your child what their goals are for the summer. Challenge them to think about something they want to get better at or something new they’d like to learn. Write a list of their ideas and use it as a starting point when you choose activities. 📝

Don’t worry too much about including some television time, but do aim for educational content as much as possible.

Some fun ideas your child might like to add to their bucket list:

  • Plan an outdoor art party with friends
  • Learn to play a new game or sport
  • Practice their maths skills with a tutor

There are so many summer activities to choose from! If you are able, get out and enjoy your local museums and parks. But don’t fret if you’re stuck at home - there are plenty of things to do at home that will boost your child’s learning too!

Plan an outdoor picnic


One way to really encourage independent thinking is to have your child plan a meal for the family. In Montessori, food preparation is an entire part of the curriculum. That’s how important it is for learning!

🍴 Kids use many different skills to plan, cook and serve a meal.

  • Planning requires executive function and decision-making skills
  • Budgeting and buying menu items will stretch their maths skills
  • Cooking uses lots of science 
  • Setting up space and serving a meal encourages social-emotional intelligence

Play Record Breakers


Kids will love this fun maths game, and kids can get really creative with it at home!

You’ll need a stopwatch, a pencil, and paper. Choose an activity, like running from one spot to another. Time how fast you can do it, and record the time on paper. Then, try to beat your time! ⏱️

Kids who have learned graphing can create a graph of their results. Invite siblings or friends to play too for some friendly competition. Try different things to see what changes the results. Is it faster or slower to run in sneakers or boots? Can you do 10 jumping jacks in 10 seconds?

Create a moon journal


Print a calendar with plenty of space in each day’s box. Every night, draw what the moon looks like. After a week, look for a pattern. Is the moon getting bigger or smaller each day? Keep going for an entire month, then see what the pattern is. 🌗

Encourage your child to do some research about the phases of the moon. What makes it change size? How does the night sky look when it is full?

Be a scientist


Kids love science experiments, and summer is a great time to get outside and try something new! 👩🏽‍🔬

Build your own bottle rocket, watch plants grow from seed, experiment with mixing paint colours...find an activity your child is interested in and have fun!


Join a reading challenge


Many libraries offer summer reading programs. Check yours to see if you can join! Or, create your own at home.

Practice those reading skills by keeping a list of all the books your child reads over the summer. Choose some goals based on your child’s interest and reading level.📘 Maybe they want to see how many they can finish, or they want to start a new series they have been eyeing. Or maybe they want to read as many genres as they can - mystery, drama, science fiction, etc.


Schedule some summer tutoring


Does your child need to stay current with their academic skills during summer break? Try adding summer tutoring with GoStudent to your summer plans. A once-weekly lesson will keep your child’s brain active, which will help the return to school in the fall go smoothly. Schedule a session today! 🚀