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Payal Mohta

Payal is a GoStudent learning expert in the areas of mental health and digital learning. She drives our “Expert Series” where she talks to a global network of educational professionals. She presents the knowledgeable insights of these experts as a guide for parents, so they can support students to achieve their highest potential! Payal is an English literature graduate, edtech content writer and journalist. Her stories have been featured in The Guardian, The Washington Post & Al Jazeera, amongst others.

8 Ways to Positively Manage Challenging Behaviour in Children

Learn positive ways in which you can manage your child’s challenging behaviour. These tips and strategies will also help you build a stronger bond with them.

The Life and Times of Maria Montessori: A Brief Biography

Learn more about Maria Montessori, her life and the ideas that shaped her approach. Helping you make the right decision for your child's education.

3 Parenting Mistakes for Gifted Students (And How To Avoid Them)

An expert guide on avoiding these three major parenting mistakes for gifted students. Along with proven tips and solutions that will support them!

7 Benefits Of Martial Arts

Wondering about some of the key benefits of learning martial arts? Find out right here!

How Parents Can Prepare For Children's University

Learn how you can prepare both your child and yourself for the children’s university stage – when kids leave their parents to go to college.

A Guide to Forest Schools and Their Benefits

Learn about what forest schools are all about, the principles of forest schools, their benefits and how they can help your child thrive in life!

How to Co-parent Smoothly: Our Top 5 Tips

Find out how co-parenting can be a nurturing experience for both you and your children through these simple, yet mindful steps.

4 Reasons You Should Learn a Dead Language

Learning a dead language isn’t as outdated as it sounds. Find out here how it can give students an intellectual edge over their peers.

The 5 BIPOC Writers Students Should Read Before Leaving School

Less than 1% of GCSE students in England study a book by a BIPOC writer. Breaking this norm, here’s our GoStudent guide on a decolonised syllabus!

Learning Through Virtual Reality

Discover how virtual reality can transform the way students learn – with tried and tested examples, straight from the classroom.

The 5 Best Study Methods For Dyslexic Children

Is your child struggling to learn due to their dyslexia? Here are the five best practices they can use to help them study.

8 Signs of ADHD In Children (And How to Manage It)

Find out about the symptoms, causes and treatment information to help manage your child’s ADHD.

The Benefits of Reading: Our GoStudent Guide

The benefits of reading are vast and can help child development in many ways. Find out exactly how right here.

How to Help Your Autistic Child Learn at Home

From practical strategies to books and online resources, we outline the best ways to help your autistic child thrive in their learning.

How To Stop Kids Lying and Stealing: A Parents' Guide

Find out why is my child lying and stealing? Can lying and stealing be genetic? How do you deal with a child that steals? What do you do when your teenager lies and steals? How to punish a child for stealing money