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Payal Mohta

Payal is a GoStudent learning expert in the areas of mental health and digital learning. She drives our “Expert Series” where she talks to a global network of educational professionals. She presents the knowledgeable insights of these experts as a guide for parents, so they can support students to achieve their highest potential! Payal is an English literature graduate, edtech content writer and journalist. Her stories have been featured in The Guardian, The Washington Post & Al Jazeera, amongst others.

6 Ways Sports Boosts Your Child's Confidence

Studies show that sports competency can build strong self-esteem in students - from boosting academic success to personal happiness!

The Bad Effects Technology Can Have On Kids (And How To Avoid Them)

For kids and teens, it’s impossible to keep away from technology. Here are some easy and successful tips on how you can help them avoid it’s bad effects!

How To Help Students Become Popular In School So They Can Be Happy

Does your child want to be popular in school and make more friends? Here are four secrets from our experts on how parents can make an impact to make it happen!

How To Talk About Sexuality With Teenagers Without Taboos Or Clichés?

Talking about sexuality with your teenager can’t be easy. Here are some successful tips by our experts on how to get started!

The Five Advantages Of Attending Summer School

From improving grades to having equal achievement opportunities, check-out our GoStudent guide to why summer school is indispensable!

How Does Microlearning Prepare Students for Future Careers

We discuss the various ways in which microlearning can prepare students for the future of work. While also suggesting how parents can support it at home.

5 Reasons Why Microlearning Improves School Success

With clear definitions and practical classroom examples, let our education experts answer all your questions related to the world of microlearning!

The Benefits Of Blended Learning v/s Hybrid Learning

What are blended learning and hybrid learning methods? In our expert series, we talk to leading experts on the benefits of blended learning & hybrid learning.

How to Encourage Digital Creativity

In our GoStudent expert series find out how to boost creativity with students. Discover real-life insights from leaders in the ed-industry.

The Best Children's Films To Watch With Your Child

We have the best children's films summarised to watch with your child right now!

Art and Play? Learn what our experts say!

GoStudent Expert Talks: Learn through Art and Play ▷ Our GoStudent expert tips! ✚ Our recommendations ✚ GoStudent Help ➨ Helpful tips for parents!

Back to School From Remote Learning?

Back to School from Remote Learning? ▷ Our GoStudent expert tips! ✚ Advice for parents ✚ Our recommendations ✚ GoStudent Help ➨ Helpful tips for parents!

Proven Successful Techniques to Avoid Being A Stressed Parent

Our GoStudent experts give you the best advice to become a stress-free parent!

GoStudent Expert Talks: Overwhelmed by Online Learning?

Find out more on the overwhelm of online learning from our GoStudent experts!

GoStudent Expert Talks: What Do Schools Do For Mental Health?

What Do Schools Do For Mental Health? | GoStudent In our GoStudent expert talks we talk about mental health and talk to leading experts on this matter.