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Payal Mohta

Payal is a GoStudent learning expert in the areas of mental health and digital learning. She drives our “Expert Series” where she talks to a global network of educational professionals. She presents the knowledgeable insights of these experts as a guide for parents, so they can support students to achieve their highest potential! Payal is an English literature graduate, edtech content writer and journalist. Her stories have been featured in The Guardian, The Washington Post & Al Jazeera, amongst others.

The 5 Best Study Methods For Dyslexic Children

Is your child struggling to learn due to their dyslexia? Here are the five best practices they can use to help them study.

8 Signs of ADHD In Children (And How to Manage It)

Find out about the symptoms, causes and treatment information to help manage your child’s ADHD.

How to Help Your Autistic Child Learn at Home

From practical strategies to books and online resources, we outline the best ways to help your autistic child thrive in their learning.

How To Stop Kids Lying and Stealing: A Parents' Guide

Find out why is my child lying and stealing? Can lying and stealing be genetic? How do you deal with a child that steals? What do you do when your teenager lies and steals? How to punish a child for stealing money

6 Reasons Why You Should Love Biology

Biology isn’t just a fascinating subject, it can also set children up for success in the future. Find out how right here.

Is It Safe For Your Child To Have A Social Media Profile?

The dangers of social media are a hot topic these days. Is it really safe for your child to have a profile? Find out right here.

4 Ways Arts and Crafts Can Boost Intelligence

Find out how arts and crafts ensures childrens’ academic and personal success. With easy tips on how to get kids creative!

4 Signs You're a Helicopter Parent and What To Do About It?

An expert guide on how to recognise the harmful effects of helicopter parenting. Plus, practical tips on how to break out of it too!

Back to School: 5 Bedtime Tips

Is your child struggling to sleep? These five easy-to-follow solutions are all you need to ensure they have a good night’s rest.

Ways To Help Your Kids If They Take Drugs

Feeling stressed that your teen is doing drugs? Don’t know the right way to react? Here is an expert guide for parents on how to help them.

Six Ways To Help Your Child Build Social Skills

Feeling lonely can be distressing for your child. Here are six ways you can help them build the social skills they need to make friends.

Six Best Small Pets To Consider For Your Child

From rabbits to rats; here is our complete GoStudent guide to which furry-friend will be best-suited for your child’s personality.

5 Ways Students Can Fight Bullying In School

Bullying can be an extremely traumatic experience for children. Our experts tell parents how they can prevent their child from being bullied in five simple steps!

4 Common Struggles Of High Performing Students

Gifted and high-achieving students have their own set of unique qualities and challenges. Our experts explain how parents can identify them.

How Teaching Happiness to Your Child Can Motivate Learning

The art of happiness can help students achieve academic success. Here are three simple scientific techniques that will teach your kids lasting happiness.