6 Reasons Why You Should Love Biology


  1. How can biology help you with your future?
  2. Why should you love biology?

Did you know that rocks and minerals are the remains of living creatures? Or that your mouth produces one litre of saliva each day? That a pineapple is a kind of berry? 

Biology isn’t just a fascinating subject to study, it can also set you up for success in your future career and personal wellbeing. 

Biology is truly fascinating! From what causes the tectonic shifting of the Earth’s plates, the intricacies of the way food is digested in the body to the products of cross pollination, the world of Biology never fails to intrigue. 

Want to get excited about Biology but don’t know where to start? Keep on reading to discover 6 reasons why you should love Biology. 

Biology opens up the mysteries of the natural world that surrounds us. So understanding it makes life more meaningful and purposeful. Moreover, GoStudent discovered that loving Biology can also set you up for success! 💪 


How can Biology help you with your future? 🤔 


Having a love for Biology and pursuing it through higher education means opening up a host of successful career options. From being a zoologist, plant pathologist, biochemist, and science teacher, to even a cheese production supervisor, the work possibilities are endless. 

Certain branches of Biology, such as evolutionary Biology, can also give you important insights into people management. This is a great basis for success when it comes to professions like Human Resources, holding key leadership positions or even becoming an entrepreneur. ✊ 

Like other sciences, Biology is investigative in nature. Studying science equips you with a range of skills like curiosity and critical thinking so that you’re able to investigate the mysteries of the natural world. 

All these qualities are highly valued by universities and employers alike!


Why should you love Biology? 🤔


#1 Life Is Fascinating

From studying the beating of the human heart, learning how caterpillars transform into butterflies, to seed germination, Biology traces life in a way that excites curiosity. 🤓

Biology mixes the magic of nature’s creations with scientific explanations that appeal to inquisitive minds.

#2 Diverse Learning

Whether you’re interested in the big cats of the wild, rare bird species of the amazon, cell activity in the human body or the way seahorses camouflage, Biology has something for everyone! It’s only a matter of exploration to see what kind of Biology piques your interest!   

#3 Hands-On Study

Nature resides outside the four walls of the traditional classroom. So Biology allows you to step-out and experience the benefits of outdoor learning.  

Whether that’s collecting leaves to study plants or visiting the aquarium to observe fish, there’s always a way of making a Biology textbook come to life! 🐟 🧠 🍁

This kind of hands-on study helps engage all five senses and makes learning an immersive experience.

#4 Healthy Living 

Biology can also motivate you to take care of your health and mental wellbeing. Through studying Biology, you’ll learn about the intricate ways in which the human body functions. This is likely to make you more conscious about your own exercise, diet and other activities which contribute to overall happiness

#5  Protection Of The Earth 

Biology gives an insight into the diversity of life on the planet and the legacy of human civilization. So it strengthens your relationship with nature. 

Only by being aware of and appreciating nature can you help protect the natural world - something we urgently need in the era of global warming and climate change.

#6 Understanding The World 

From the increase of genetically modified food to the outbreak of a pandemic, Biology is at the core of many world issues. Knowledge of Biology can help us make sustainable and ethical choices to secure our future on Earth.  🌍

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