How Does Microlearning Prepare Students for Future Careers


Microlearning in the classroom has the potential to prepare students for the future of work. From building resilience to remote working, we discuss the different ways this is possible, and also how parents can support microlearning at home! 



If you are new to the concept of microlearning, you’re probably wondering what is microlearning in the first place. 🤔


Simply put, microlearning means learning in short bursts of usually ten to fifteen minutes, often through digital mediums. 

There are many ways microlearning benefits students’ performance, including better retention of knowledge, learning in diverse ways and allowing students to be independent learners. 💪 


Wondering why microlearning is important beyond the use of academics? 🤔 


That’s because in today’s dynamically changing work environment, young people need microlearning to move forward and thrive in their careers.


Why is microlearning the future of training in the workplace? 🤔 


It Enables Learning "Before The Job" 


There’s a common saying that we “learn on the job”. However, with the coming of the digital age and information available at our fingertips, more and more businesses want employees to have a certain degree of knowledge about their job before they begin it. 

Though they don’t want to cause overwhelm with online learning! 🤯

So, companies from large corporations to start-ups are developing a repository of microlearning training programmes for future employees. They expect young people to consume them through short periods of time and apply that knowledge to their work. 

 It Allows Learning In Remote Jobs 


The pandemic has made the future of jobs remote. Young people might not be able to interact with their teams in-person on a daily basis. The learning that happens during office hours can be lost. 

With the average attention span of adults being twenty-five minutes, long virtual meetings to deliver instructions and train employees aren’t efficient. 

Microlearning can fill this gap. With employees learning comfortably in their own time zone along with sufficient breaks. ✊  

Prepares Students For Multiple Jobs  


Unlike older generations, young people will no longer have one single career for life. A digital future means consistent upskilling and shifting multiple jobs, in different industries. Microlearning will allow young people to quickly dip into the relevant knowledge they need as they shift career gears through their lifetime. 💪

Many adult learning platforms have understood this need for the future of careers, and are developing their courses based on microlearning formats. 

How to create microlearning support at home? 🤔 


Supporting microlearning as parents is all about engagement, without having to teach lessons! 

As students go back to school from remote learning, here are some ways parents can continue to support microlearning from home:    

  • Microlearning usually happens on a digital medium. Take simple steps like ensuring your child has access to their digital device, charger and log-in credentials. This is the way forward for stress-free digital parenting too! 
  • Encourage students to spend time on their microlearning modules when they are at home. The best part is it won’t be longer than ten to fifteen minutes! 
  • Take a look at your child’s microlearning resources. Again these short bursts of knowledge will take very little of your time while allowing you to engage with what students are learning. This is a great way for strengthening your relationship with your child.
  • Microlearning is a great tool for revision through digital creativity too. Encourage students to make short digital presentations, videos or even podcasts that summarize the understanding of their lessons. 


Our Advice: A good education reflects the society our children will enter. Microlearning fulfils this by preparing students for the dynamic and resilient future of work. 

At GoStudent, our tutors go the extra mile for students. We want them to excel in their academics while also ensuring our teaching methods prepare them for the future of their careers. So we often adopt microlearning methods to teach a variety of subjects. To experience it, book a trial session with one of our tutors