7 Benefits Of Martial Arts


1. What are martial arts?

2. What are the different forms of martial arts?

3. How do martial arts help kids?

4. Which martial art is best for my child?


Wondering how martial arts can help kids academically? Want to find out which style is best-suited for your child? We've got the answers to all your questions right here!

child in martial arts class

What are martial arts? πŸ€”


By definition martial arts are β€œa tradition of combat or fighting sports practiced for a number of reasons, including self-defense; military, law enforcement, competition and even mental and physical wellbeing.

Originating mainly from Eastern countries, the practice of martial arts is also a way of keeping the cultural heritage of a region alive! πŸ’ͺ 


What are the different forms of martial arts?


A common way of dividing martial arts is armed and unarmed arts. The former includes archery, spearmanship, and swordsmanship while the latter uses the feet and hands to combat. 

Some popular martial arts include karate, kung-fu, judo and jiu-jitsu.  


7 ways martial arts help kids πŸ€”


From learning a dead language to learning how to code, new skills like martial arts will enhance children's holistic growth. 

Check out this video to get your little ones inspired by five masters of martials arts:


πŸ‘‰  #1 Boosts Confidence 

Martial arts involve complex techniques and rigorous practice. Children will feel a sense of pride when they master new skills and advance to the level. 

Martial arts, like other sports, can help kids boost their self-confidence. ✊

By learning a form of self defense, your child will feel empowered and safe, knowing that they have the skills they need to protect themselves should a dangerous situation arise. 

πŸ‘‰  #2 Imparts Discipline

Apart from consistent practice, students need to control their emotions to excel at martial arts. 

This means channeling them in a constructive way to conquer both the mind and body of their opponent. This is a great way to teach your child discipline! πŸ‘Š

Martial arts also present children with many challenges which they will need to face head-on. 

This means children are encouraged to work on their weaknesses and play to their strengths to overcome challenges. All skills which are the building blocks of discipline. 

πŸ‘‰ #3 Encourages Decision-Making

To succeed in martial arts, students need to exercise quick and precise judgement. 

One wrong move and their opponent will have an advantage over them!  

So martial arts allows students to gain sound decision-making skills which they can apply in other aspects of their lives as well.  

πŸ‘‰  #4 Encourages Respect

Martial arts are an ancient tradition that have their own system of decorum that children are required follow once in class. 

This often includes students bowing to their instructors and always being supportive of fellow practitioners, even if they are potential competitors. 🀝

This builds a sense of respect for seniors and peers as well as team spirit – essential for later career success.  

πŸ‘‰  #5 Cultivates Focus

Martial arts follow a complex set of rules and regulations that needs to be fully understood before students can practice. 

Children are required to focus and be alert when instructions are given and concentrate when applying them. So martial arts helps students improve their overall focus. 

This can be especially beneficial for students who have learning disorders like ADHD, as well as generally helping them boost their academic performance!

πŸ‘‰  #6 Develops Fitness 

In the digital world, students may find themselves spending hours on screens, which can overwhelm them

Martial arts are a great way to counter the bad effects of technology – like tackling bad posture that comes from slouching in front of gadgets. 😟

Martials arts also increases the opportunity for physical exercise. 

Students need good strength to practice martial arts. Martial arts include a rigorous fitness regime – engaging all the core muscle groups! 

All of the above mean long-term health benefits for your children.   

πŸ‘‰ #7 Improves Mental Health 

Through practice, martial arts impart knowledge, mindfulness, patience, humility, and stability. 

This helps children regulate their overall mental well-being and happiness. They will become more focused and grounded as individuals. 


Which martial art is best for my child? πŸ€” 


The martial arts of Japan are the most popular ones, often seen in modern cinema and television.

Though the best martial art for your child depends on their calling towards a particular art form. ✊

The best way to find out is, avoid being a helicopter parent and let your child choose which martial arts they’d like to pursue. Explore which martial arts are available in your area. A lot of schools hold free taster days and reduced price trial sessions. Take your little one to a few classes to see what they like best.

At GoStudent we want students to expand their horizons by being able to gain skill-sets like martial arts. To make time for this, parents can leave the academic support to us. Book a trial session with one of our tutors here! πŸš€

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