How To Learn To Code Can Help Your Childrens Career Prospects



1.  How is coding useful to prepare students for future careers

2. Will coding become redundant in the future? 

3. So where to begin coding for students? 

4. Which coding language should students learn? 


Here are four reasons why learning how to code can boost student career success! We also tell you where beginners can start learning how to code and which coding language is best suited for your child! 

In the past few years teaching kids how to code has gained global popularity. There are coding courses designed for students as young as age seven! 👊 

Though technology has its share of bad effects on kids (and there are ways to avoid them!) coding isn’t one of them! That’s because knowing how to code is a highly prized skill in today’s digital first society.   


How is coding useful to prepare students for future careers ? 🤔 


👉  Heart Of The Digital World  


Coding is the heart of all technology. Which means it is the language of all digital communication. So when students become proficient in coding they essentially are the ‘architects’ of the digital age. 


According to recent findings from the World Economic Forum, 84 percent of employers are set to rapidly digitalise working processes. Which means that those with the knowledge of coding will likely become indispensable at the work space! 💪


👉  Analyses Big Data 


With the on-set of digitalization we are constantly surrounded by data or are producing it. Recent statistics show that nearly 90 percent of all data today has been created in the past two years! 🤯


All of this unstructured data is a treasure trove for businesses. As once analysed by an expert it brings forward essential insights to run a successful organisation.  


Data scientists are a subset of highly skilled coders! 


So if students have an early interest in coding they have the potential to interpret big data and make critical decisions at their future workspace.  




👉  Enhances Soft Skills 


Coding is not only about mastering technology. It can equip students with soft skills that are in great demand by present employers! ✊  


The analytical thinking needed for coding enhances a number of other associative skills – like problem-solving, critical thinking and digital creativity


Coding can be like a jigsaw puzzle. Where one might need to make several  attempts before the pieces of programs and algorithms form the seamless picture. 


So coding will encourage students to approach their work with curiosity and also build resilience as they sync the different pieces of coding puzzle together. 


Coding also requires collaboration with peers to write complex programs.  This enables students to strengthen relationships with their peers and colleagues. 🤝


👉  Yields Higher Wages


According to a recent analysis of recruitment sites in the UK, “workers with coding skills continue to command the highest average wages.” 🤑

The same study done by credit experts Totally Money also found that the coding language Ruby commanded the highest average salary of any skill in 2019, at £72,500, followed by Java and Python at £62,500! 


Will coding become redundant in the future? 🤔 


As predicted for a large number of future jobs, there is growing concern that Artificial Intelligence can also make coding redundant. 


While present day AI can write some forms of simple code it is highly unlikely that they will altogether be able to replace human programmers!   


The common consensus by many experts is that creating code for specific softwares is a complex craft, only possible through human intelligence. Though the role of programmers may only change as AI systems further improve—remains true.” 


So where to begin coding for students? 🤔 


Coding can be expensive to learn but with the recent surge of hybrid and blended learning models, there are many low cost and free coding courses available for students online.  


Which coding language should students learn? 🤔 


There are plenty of languages to choose from, though the best choice for students depends on their skill-level, goal and interest. 


If you really want to get your child excited about coding or need support for upskilling, GoStudent can help you with our expert coding tutors. Book a place in the summer coding camp for your child here! 🚀 

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