How Parents Can Prepare For Children's University


  1. How do I prepare my child for university?

  2. How do I deal with my child going to university?

  3. What will my child need to take to university?


In every parent’s life comes a period of transition –  the children’s university stage – where after the right university has been chosen for your child they leave home to study. This is extremely hard as you’re worried that your children might not be able to take care of themselves without you. Also, you’re most likely struggling with the idea of living without them. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. students campus university laptop

Two of the most searched phrases on the internet are ‘child university’ and ‘children university’. These phrases are being entered by parents rather than students. This indicates that children going to university is a matter of concern for parents the world over.  

In this guide to children’s university, we take you through all you need to teach your child for successful university living. As well as how to manage your emotions as you see your children going to university.    


How do I prepare my child for university?


  • Teach them to budget, save and manage money 

When living with their parents most kids never have to worry about money – where is it coming from, how to manage it and where to save. Even if they do run out of pocket money there is always financial support from you to cover everyday expenses. 💰

Though with your son or daughter going to university, they will have to be responsible for all their finances. Here are some ways you can help them get started: 

  • Set budgets for various living expenses including school costs, essentials, transport, boarding or rent and groceries  
  • Create an emergency budget 
  • Account for student insurance 
  • If they will own a car at university then expenses for insurance, gas and maintenance of their vehicle as well 
  • Let them know the importance of healthy living 

Children going to university are naturally overwhelmed by the stress of academics and living alone. To cope they need to follow some simple healthy routines:  

Let your son or daughter going to university also try GoStudent’s 1:1 tutoring service. This will help them boost their academic success for university, which will give them more headspace for healthy living. 

  • Teach them to check in with their mental health

At home, parents are quick to notice that their children’s mental health might be suffering. They are also able to lend an ear and soothe their child’s worries. At university, kids can spend much of their time alone before they have close friends to lean on. ✊ 

It’s important that you let your child know that while feeling lonely and sad sometimes because they are away from home might be normal, they must reach out to you when they have these feelings. 

Having those hard conversations about sex, drugs and heartbreak with your son or daughter going to university, will help them work through such issues. Also, make sure kids know how to access their university’s free counselling services.  

  • Make sure they know basic life skills

At home, parents always make sure that their kids are well fed and come home to a clean environment. So when they go to university they might forget that a quick but healthy breakfast is what they need to stay focused during that big exam. Or perhaps it's the unwashed bed sheets that are not letting them get restful sleep at night! 😴   

Here are a few basic life skills that are necessary for a functional life at university: 

  • Basic housekeeping skills like how to make the bed with clean sheets, how to use the washing machine and dryer correctly, and even unclog a toilet  
  • Being able to make simple, quick and yet wholesome meals for themselves 
  • Reading a map, navigating public transport, hailing a taxi, cycling safety or changing the tyre of their car  


How do I deal with my child going to university?


Perhaps the biggest paradox parents face when they see their children going to university is a sense of pride and excitement that often gets coupled with a sense of sadness and loss, as their kids will be moving away. 😪 

So we have some simple steps you can take to be happy for your child and yourself through this transition.  

  • Decide what you want to do with the extra time 

One of the most daunting things about children going to university is that parents are left with this vast expanse of empty time. Whether or not you have an external job, parenting is surely a full-time one!  

The good news is that now you can take a break from it and use that time for things that are meaningful for your personal growth. 

  • Taking out time for your hobbies and engaging in your passion projects 
  • Give your career a boost by taking on more work or a new job  
  • Have more time to give to your other relationships – spouse, friends, and family 

These will help you build an identity for yourself which is separate from being a parent. 

  • Be compassionate towards your feelings 

You’ve spent nearly 18-years nurturing your child. It’s not easy to let go without feeling a certain amount of anxiety over whether or not they will be safe without you. 

If you find yourself with bouts of sadness or even the occasional crying, it’s okay. Be compassionate to yourself in these moments. 

Remind yourself that you’ve given your son or daughter going to university a strong upbringing. 

Which they will use for successful and independent living. 👊 

  • Be patient with your kids 

Once the kids are at university, it’s easy to feel dejected when they don’t stay in touch with you as much as you want them to. They aren’t ignoring you, they are just adjusting to a whole brand new life – perhaps even just catching up on sleep or cramming for a test. 

Be patient with your kids and yourself, as you experience this new distance. 


What will my child need to take to university?


The list of things your child needs at university can be exhaustive depending on their needs. 

Here are a few essentials necessary for healthy and functional living: 

  • Adequate cleaning supplies like laundry detergent, bathroom cleaners, scrub brushes, dishcloths etc 
  • Groceries for the first week and dry snacks. 
  • Kitchen utensils like coffee mugs, plates, bowls, cutlery, tin opener, aluminium foil and cling film, reusable containers (to store extra cooked food)  
  • Stationary
  • Comfortable bedding 
  • Hand sanitiser, masks and gloves 

As a parent, it's natural to worry about whether or not your son or daughter going to university will be alright without you.  

Soothe your worries by accepting that the children’s university period is about your kids being initiated into the adult phase of their life. 💪

Your children might falter at times but let them know you are always there to give them support, advice and above all unconditional love. 💕Start your kid’s learning journey

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