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Kyra Beth

Our GoStudent learning expert Kyra has found her love for education, when working as a children's programme volunteer. Based in sunny South Africa, the experienced Copywriter believes the responsibility to spark a sense of curiosity in the mind of a child lies with both the parent and the educator. Kyra's articles will motivate parents to learn about their little ones, engage with their school studies and encourage them to ask for help along the way!

Top Online Courses for Kids & What You Need to Get Started

With the transition to digital learning, it can be hard to keep kids motivated. Check out our top online courses right here.

Our Favourite Expert IELTS Online Preparation Courses

Mastering the English language as a non-native can be tricky. If you're required to take an IELTS test, discover our top preparation tips right here.

Autism & School: How Can Tutoring Help?

Students with ASD are more likely to attend mainstream schools for a variety of reasons. Here’s how tutoring can help optimise their learning.

Best Lockdown Activities for Kids

What are the best lockdown activities for kids in 2021? Learning expert Kyra has the best tips on things to do in lockdown with your kids ready for you.

9 Homework Hacks: How to Get Through Your Homework Quickly

How can you motivate kids to do homework? How long should it take to do homework? Find out the answers right here.

Top 10 Educational TikTok Accounts

These are our top 10 favourite educational accounts that will make sure time spent on smartphones is not wasted.

6 Hassle-Free Party Foods

Planning a birthday party is a stressful affair. But catering should be the least of your worries with our list of the best hassle-free party foods your kids will love.

Body Positivity: Teach Teens to Love Their Body

The struggles around body image and self-esteem are common among teenagers. Here are some tested ideas on how to teach your teenager to love their bodies.

Best Smartphones For Distance Learning

When kids think about smartphones, they probably don’t think about learning. But smartphones are ideal for distance learning at home. Find out how, here.

How to Fight Failure At School

Failure is a part of life whether we like it or not. Find out here how to embrace failure and achieve ultimate academic success.

How to Fight Back to School Dread

Back to school dread is normal. Find out here what can you as a parent do to change your child’s mind about school.

How Much Should You Pay a Tutor Per Hour? Our Rate Breakdown

Here you'll find a thorough breakdown of tutoring rates and what you should expect to pay for your kid's tutoring sessions.

How To Help Your Kids Make Friends

Seeing your child struggle to make friends can be tough on a parent. Here's how you can help your child form positive relationships.

4 Parenting Styles (And the Effects They Have on Kids)

Find out more from our learning expert Kyra on the most common parenting styles and what effects it has on kids!