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Online life is the new normal, and the power of social media is also being harnessed in the educational arena. Did you know that what’s likely your child’s favourite App, TikTok, plays host to some top quality educational content? So with kids spending more and more time online, it’s a good idea to make sure that some of that time is spent learning.

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Teachers are using TikTok for lessons, homework and revision


The ways in which TikTok can be used in the classroom are limitless. With it’s videography features, many teachers have been inspired to develop TikTok-based tasks and assignments that can be shared in the classroom.

Kids can work individually or in groups to create content and showcase their understanding of concepts

Another really effective way that TikTok is being used for the sake of education is through teacher-created videos as lesson content. These are super beneficial as students can refer back to them at a later stage and not just rely on their class notes when it comes to revision time, in essence creating a virtual classroom.


Who should your kids follow on TikTok for educational content? 


Aside from teachers using TikTok in the classroom, there’s a growing number of independent TikTokkers and brand-based accounts that have sprung up and increased in popularity over the past year. These content creators generally cover specific subjects and dedicate their accounts to the topic.

Here are our top 5 hand picked accounts.

1. @mathswithmisschang 🧮

Ms. Chang is a math teacher based in London. Her videos are created for kids ages 5 to 16 and in them she teaches viewers simple tricks for working through math equations of varying difficulties. 

2. @minuteearth 🌎

With an already thriving YouTube channel, Minute Earth created their TikTok account as an extension of this. In quick, under one minute videos, they’re able to tell of the amazing wonders and facts of our planet and the science around it. These videos are engaging and loved by both kids and their parents. 

3. @medicineexplained 🧠

An account dedicated to explaining medical facts, debunking misconceptions and myths about the human body. Their content is colourful and fun, making it interesting for curious kids of all ages. 

4. @blondiebytes 👩‍💻

As a successful female software engineer in an industry dominated by men, Blondie Bytes takes it upon herself to show the world that women can do it too. She answers FAQs and provides tutorial-style videos of software engineering basics, providing the audience a glimpse into her world. 

5. @aquariumpacific 🐟

Perfect for any budding biologist or kid curious about our oceans, Aquarium Pacific has a variety of content centred around marine life. They have live streams every Tuesday at 6pm PT, and are available on other platforms such as YouTube where you can access their aquarium webcams. 

6. @thejaxtutor

The Jax Tutor is an maths educator and online tutor who creates TikTok content centred around the most interesting and common of math problems. He uses simple classroom tools like a whiteboard to break down and work out various concepts in an easy to understand manner. 

7. @billnye 🔬

One of the most popular TikTok educators, Bill Nye demonstrates scientific experiments and explains the facts behind the reactions that occur. He is known for having created science-based content for decades, long before the dawn of TikTok and he has no intention of slowing down. 

8. @coolchemistryguy 👨‍🔬 

Cool Chemistry Guy showcases interesting reactions between materials whilst explaining the process and properties. His videos will leave your little ones excited about science and eager to conduct experiments of their own at home. 

9. @history.time_ 🎥

Overflowing with interesting historical facts and important events from recent modern history, History Time is an account for kids and adults alike. They present a unique perspective and provide some never-before-seen footage of the history of mankind. 

10. @tabwesley 👯‍♀️

You know those annoyingly catchy TikTok songs and dances your kid is really into? Mrs. Tab Wesley is a teacher who uses these songs to teach lessons. Making the content fun and memorable. 

In addition to following these TikTok educators, you can also search and follow hashtags like:

👉  #school 

👉  #knowledge

👉  #learning 

👉  #teachers 

👉  #student 

👉  #onlinelearning

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