The Best Coding Apps for Kids: Help Them Learn How to Programme


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The World Wide Web is here to stay. In this undeniably digital age, learning how to code is almost a no-brainer. These days, coding could be considered a basic literacy skill kids need to understand and work with and understand the technology that is all around them. 

Helping your child to learn coding at a young age may well prepare them for the future. Coding can also help children with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence. So, we at GoStudent tested learning apps for budding coders so that we could share our favourites with you here! 👇

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The best coding apps for kids


Programming is the future – well, part of it anyway. Coding apps for children help youngsters to get started and channel their curiosity at an early age. Through play and creativity, your child can learn the mechanics of coding languages or how to create objects and patterns. 💻

The skills and processes behind the development of software can be as diverse as the programs themselves. The best apps are intuitive to use, feature great design, and, most importantly, make learning fun. At GoStudent, we've reviewed a bundle of coding apps for kids so that we can share our findings with you.


Top 10 coding apps for kids


Digitization is everywhere. Whether your child is homeschooled, learning remotely or learning in a classroom, no doubt computers and mobile devices as well as software and apps play a fairly large role in their education. 🧠

Being a programmer or a coder is a well-respected and in-demand profession. Coding apps introduce children to the basics of software development and open up a wealth of future possibilities. In our overview, you will find apps for different age groups and for Android and iOS systems. Check them out. 🙌

#1 Code Adventures

Code Adventures: Coding Puzzles for Kids is suitable for children from the age of 6 and uses puzzle tasks to promote an interest in programming. 🧩 Your child can guide their character with commands through colourful levels whilst solving tasks along the way. The app is very kid-friendly and free from ads and violence. 👍

Your youngster will playfully learn coding principles such as loops, conditions, functions, lists and operators. Code Adventures: Coding Puzzles for Kids is available for Android and iOS. 

#2 Kodable

Kodable is an award-winning program that teaches kids aged between 4 and 10 the basics of programming that are the same in every language: algorithms, conditionals, loops, and functions. JavaScript and Swift are added later as your child learns how to create their own computer games! 👾

Logical statements, operators, syntax, classes and variables are also part of Kodable. The app is available for iOS and as a web app and requires a paid subscription after trying it out.

#3 Mimo

Mimo will teach your child how to use JavaScript, Python and HTML. The child-friendly short lessons are easy to manage and build upon each other as they progress but your child will need fairly good reading skills to get the most out of Mimo by themselves. ✨

Gradually, other elements such as CSS and SQL are added and apps, games and websites can be built with ease. Mimo has also received awards and is available for Android and iOS.

#4 Grasshopper

Grasshopper is Google’s contribution to the coding app world and is available for Android, iOS and as a web app. Young people can use it to acquire basic knowledge of programming and learn JavaScript. An introduction to web pages also deals with HTML and CSS. 🦗

The app provides visual puzzle tasks and gives real-time feedback with possible solutions – which all help with reflective learning! Complex topics are added for advanced learners too so your child can keep stretching themselves with this app.

#5 Tynker

Tynker is available at three different levels – Tynker Junior, Tynker and Mod Creator –  and caters to learners from age 5 right up to 11. Just bear in mind that is it only available for iOS systems.

Tynker Junior is suitable for 5 to 7-year-olds and lets children solve their very first coding tasks. Then, Tynker, aimed at 6-11 year-olds, lets you build games and apps, compose music and art and control smart devices. Lastly, Mod Creator, for ages 6 and up, teaches kids how to build expansions for the popular game Minecraft. 🔧

#6 AlgoRun Kids

In AlgoRun Kids, suitable for ages 5 and up, your child controls a character through various digital tasks. Through these tasks, this super interactive game will teach your child all the basics of programming – featuring instructions, functions, loops and conditions across 40 levels.

There is also a grown-up version of AlgoRun, so if your child is a real programming whizz, they can seamlessly advance on to the normal version of the learning app. 🏃

#7 ScratchJR

ScratchJr is aimed at tomorrow's coders – specifically those aged 5-7. By assembling puzzle pieces, your child will learn how to create interactive stories and games. Available for both Android and iOS users. 🧸

ScratchJr is based on the Scratch programming language developed at MIT. The developers have adapted Scratch specifically for young learners. The children connect graphic program blocks to move characters and make them jump, dance and sing.

#8 Lightbot

Lightbot available for Android and iOS users comes in two editions. The regular version is suitable for children from the age of 8 and offers 50 levels. In the junior version, there are 42 levels and simpler tasks. 🤖

Your child will gain a practical understanding of programming with procedures, loops and conditionals by moving a robot across a playing field. Operation and process are very playful and intuitive and the game promotes logical thinking.

#9 Lego Boost

Lego Boost is a brilliant combination of toy and app: your child can use a robotic set to build models with motors and sensors. The accompanying free app can then bring the models to life with commands. 🏗️

Programming in Lego Boost is symbolic and includes games and more than 60 activities to learn step-by-step. In addition to given models, your child can also build and program their own things.

#10 is a non-profit organisation dedicated to making computer science easier for students to learn. Tuition includes content suitable for both primary and secondary school students. FYI, the free learning content is only available as a web app. 🚸

More than 60 million students have learned with Very suitable for beginners, offline lessons are aimed at children from the age of 4. The course catalogue is extensive and clear. In addition, children can choose content from numerous projects across many topics.


Summary: Coding apps for kids


With coding apps, not only can your child learn to program, but they will also learn other important skills such as logical/critical thinking and problem-solving. The mental training involved with coding promotes skills that will help your child to take responsibility for their own learning. 🧐

If you are looking to promote your child's communication and language skills, we are here to help. Our GoStudent tutors are experts in their fields, from art and architecture to AI. Enjoy a free trial lesson today and let’s see what the future might hold for your child together. 🎒