6 Hassle-Free Party Foods


  1. Dietary requirements
  2. Party budget
  3. Food preparation
  4. Party venue
  5. Snacks and starters
  6. Main meal
  7. Dessert


Planning your little one’s birthday party can be a stressful affair. From deciding on a theme to organising the day’s itinerary, entertainment and games, to hiring equipment and setting up the venue, the catering should be the least of your worries.

We put together a list of hassle-free food ideas your kids will love, covering everything from nibbles to dessert. Enjoy!child eating a watermelon

Do any guests have specific dietary requirements? 


To avoid a potentially dangerous situation, it’s best practice to check with your guests before making any final decisions on catering. 

Make a point of checking if anyone attending has any serious or noteworthy allergies. Catering for dietary requirements and allergies may seem like a mission, but at the end of the day these are your guests and you want to make sure everyone has a good time, avoiding any allergic reactions! 


What’s your party budget? 


Knowing your financial limitations is important. The amount you’re willing or able to spend on catering will determine how extravagant or simple the food you're providing will be. 


What do your kids enjoy eating, and what do your kids not eat at all? 🤦


Since it's is your child’s party you’re planning, you’ll want to consider their food preferences when preparing the menu. Try to include their favourite foods for a little extra excitement. 


How much time do you have for preparation? 


There’s no point in planning an elaborate menu if you don’t have time to execute it all. Plus, you don't want to add any unnecessary stress to the situation. Take all time constraints into account before finalising everything. 


What’s the party venue like? 🏡


Will there be a place to sit and eat a meal or will guests have to stand around? These things impact the types of food you can offer, so consider them well before deciding. 

After considering all of the above, it's time to try out some party foods! We know your kids will love them.


Snacks & Starters


#1 Jalapeno poppers 

The perfect combination of spicy meets cheesy, Jalapeno Poppers are a popular Mexican starter. These delicious deep-fried snacks are the ideal addition to any party menu. Follow this recipe to make your own from scratch. Alternatively, if you’re short on time you can pick up a couple of ready-made packs from your local ASDA. 

#2 Fruit kebabs 🍍🍉🍓

A healthier form of sugar, fruit kebabs are versatile and a general crowd-pleaser. From basic to tropical, you can experiment with “out there” combinations or just work with what’s in season depending on your child’s taste preferences. 

#3 Cheese, crisps & crackers platters 🧀 🥨

Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now. They’re a delicious  and healthy alternative to standard kids party platters. But let’s not forget that this is a kid’s party you’re planning, so consider swapping out the fancy cheeses for dips like hummus and mild cheeses like Giuda or Pepper jack Cheddar. Throw in some chicken nuggets and popcorn and you’ll be good to go. 

Here’s a step for step guide to building a kid friendly charcuterie board


Main Meal


#4 Hamburger bar 🍔

Hamburgers! Very few children can actually say that they don’t like them, so they’re the ideal party food. Setting up a build your own burger bar will allow you to offer variety to your guests with a selection of toppings, as well as cater to many different dietary requirements. What’s more, the fussy kids won’t complain that they don’t like what they’ve been given as they’ve quite literally decided for themselves. 


Delicious Dessert


#5 A Large Birthday Cake and Little Cupcakes  🧁

Ordering a large custom-made birthday cake is a great way to go when it comes to dessert. If your party is themed, having a cake based on the theme will not only make for great photos but is sure to leave your little one overjoyed. Adding in some cupcakes for variety and as a take-home party favour for your guests is a way to ensure that everyone gets dessert. 

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