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Lucy Holmes

Lucy has taught English for fifteen years. She graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in the History of Art and Italian before spending time abroad in Japan and Italy. During her five years in London, she worked as a researcher at the Guinness Book of Records, a Production Assistant at a subtitling company and in HR at the Japanese Embassy. She writes for Oxford University Press and Macmillan, and has self-published a teacher resource book: Talking Images: idioms. Now, living in Oxford with her dog and three children, she’s into running, drawing, travelling and all things Japanese.

GCSEs and A Levels 2022: The Latest and Most Important Information

It hasn’t exactly been a normal two years, has it? Find out right here what to expect exam-wise this year.

Time Out for Kids: How to Make it Meaningful and Effective

‘GO TO THE NAUGHTY STEP!’ ‘WHY?’ ‘BECAUSE I SAID SO!’ Not the best way to do time out for kids, is it? Here we’ll look at how to make it more successful.

A Levels Appeals Process: Get All the Important Info Here

Taken your A Levels but think the results don’t look right? It’s probably a good idea to check out the A Levels appeals process. Read more here.

Want to Learn Italian? Here Are The 3 Best Kinds of Lessons!

Want to learn Italian but don’t know where to start? Are apps better than films or online tutoring? Read on to discover our top three learning methods!

LGBTQ+ History Month: Support Available For LGBTQ+ Young People in the UK

Growing up and finding yourself is hard at the best of times, but throw in a global pandemic and being LGBTQ+, and it can be even more of a challenge.

LGBTQ+ History Month: The Best Inclusive Kids Books out There

There’s no better time than LGBTQ+ History Month to put your inclusive money where your mouth is. Check out our recommended books to buy your kids.

Could a Sudbury School Be Right for Your Child? Find Out Here

Not all children fit neatly into the traditional education pigeonhole. Read on to find out if your child would be better suited to a sudbury school.

“My Child Refuses to Go to Bed. I Can't Take It Anymore!”

“I’m not tired,” screams your child through tears. Anyone can see this is probably not the case! Keep reading for some tips to tackle bedtime battles.

Need A Helping Hand? A List of Brilliant Ideas for Chores for Kids

It’s never too early to teach your child the importance of teamwork. Chores for kids is a fantastic way to do this. Read on for some new ideas!

In Need of Parenting Help? Try Triple P Parenting!

You’ve heard of the three Rs. Now, make way for the three Ps: Use the positive parenting programme to get more enjoyment out of family life!

Want 5 Fantastic Reasons to Learn French? Et voilà!

Belief: We don’t need French now we’ve left Europe! Reality: there are still plenty of reasons to learn French. Read on to find out why it still has the ‘Je ne sais quoi!’

The Complete Cost of Raising a Child- Get Ready to Laugh or Cry!

Everyone knows the cost of raising a child isn’t going to be cheap. You probably can’t even bear to work it out! Let us do all the hard work for you!

Need A Few Good Reasons to Learn Italian? Look No Further!

So everyone learns French, German or Spanish at school, right? Why learn Italian then? Read on and we’ll let you know why it’s a good idea!

“Why Won't My Child Eat Anything?” Helping You Understand Picky Eaters

Before having kids, you probably imagined enjoying Sunday lunch as a family. Then you bred a picky eater and the dream became a nightmare!

Answering Your FAQs About Grammar Schools in Scotland

Answering your questions about Scottish Grammar schools. What’s the best grammar school? How many grammar schools are there? And much more!