LGBTQ+ History Month: Support Available For LGBTQ+ Young People in the UK


  1. A bit of history
  2. Support and advice for LGBTQ young people
  3. Support and advice for gender diverse
  4. Support and advice for families
  5. Support and advice in schools


We’re sure you can remember when you were growing up, just! For many it’s like being at sea in a storm with no idea how to sail and no clue what course you’re on. 🌊 This can be even worse for young people who are questioning their sexuality.

Read on to find out about the services available for LGBTQ+ young people which will help them navigate through this potentially tricky time and to know there are calmer waters ahead, even if they can’t see it right

A bit of history


In 1988, Section 28 of the Local Government Act was passed by the Conservative government which stopped councils and schools ‘promoting the teaching of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship.’

In reality, this law meant that young LGBTQ+ pupils were deprived of the chance to see people like them in their school’s educational material: books, plays or films. Educators were forbidden from teaching about same-sex relationships and anyone breaking this law could face disciplinary action. 😖

It wasn’t until 2003 that section 28 was repealed so it's no wonder that the LGBTQ+ community are still feeling the effects of this blatant attack on the rights of LGBTQ+ people by their own government.

At the same time we have recently seen positive change: In 2004 there was the Civil Partnership Act allowed, the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) in 2013 in England and Wales, later followed by Scotland and Northern Ireland. In 2004 there was the Gender Recognition Act, which gave trans people full legal recognition of their gender, although still limited to male and female. In 2010, the Equality Act allowed LGBT employees protection from discrimination at work, adding protection for trans workers.

And, unlike the past, now we see a large variety of LGBTQ books children can access. 😊


Support and advice for LGBT young people


The Proud Trust

Here you’ll find information including:

Exploring your identity (sexual orientation or gender identity)


Coming out (your child coming out or a friend coming out to them)


People like me (famous LGBTQ+ people, TV, film and books)


Staying safe (your rights, hate crime, staying safe online)


Faith and religion (including stories from LGBT people of faith)


Youth groups (where you can find a virtual or in person group in your area)


There’s also a great area for adults about how to support LGBT+ children and if you sign up, you or your child can use the web chat to have a more personalised conversation.


Young Stonewall

A website dedicated to developing opportunities for young LGBT+ people and includes:

What’s in my area section: Here you can select a category from a drop-down menu, put in your postcode and they’ll tell you about the help and support available for your child in your area.


You can call them directly on 0800 050 2020 📞


How to get involved


Inclusive workplaces 


Information and resources


For LGBTIQ+ mental health including:

Mind’s helplines related to this topic


An A-Z of other useful websites and telephone numbers  📞


Support and advice for gender diverse


Mindline Trans



A listening service for transgender, non-binary and gender-fluid people and their friends and families: call 0300 330 5468 (8pm-12am)


Mermaids This site has been supporting transgender, non-binary and gender-diverse children and their families since 1995 and provides:

Support for families and children until their 20th birthday


Ways to improve self-esteem and social skills for young people


Ways to help young people with mental and emotional issues


How to get involved


A list of services


Gendered Intelligence This is a trans-led and trans-involving grassroots organisation with a wealth of experience about the trans community. They have various information including:


Young people and families (including support, youth groups, trips and workshops)


Therapists and counsellors (including network, training and directory)


Support line (open Mon, Tues, Thurs 2-7pm, and Wed, Fri 10am-3pm). Call: 0330 3559 678, email, WhatsApp chat 07592 650 496  📞


Support and advice for families



Here you’ll find a lot of support for families including:

Personal accounts by parents of LGBT+ children


Parent groups (including links to parents of Jewish gays and lesbians, families together London and various regional Fflag groups)


Trans support (including a transition blog)


LGBT+ parenting (including the various ways LGBT+ people can become parents)


Religion and beliefs (including a link to Two 23 Network which helps gay Christians)


Support and advice in schools


Although LGBTQ inclusive PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) is common, it is not compulsory or legislated. Having said this, schools do tend to look to the PSHE Association for good practice.

As for RHE (relationships and sex education) regarding LGBT+, schools have to adhere to the guidance for RSE 2020 statutory guidance. However, the wording ‘age appropriateness’ allows some schools to delay or opt out of this.

Many secondary schools across the UK do have training in LGBT specific issues including mental health and knowledge of where LGBT+ pupils can access local support. Some have SCHIIT (school-centred initial teacher training) for their staff to challenge HBT (homophobic, biphobic and transphobic) language.

There are often also pride or rainbow clubs your child can attend at lunchtimes as well. 🌈

The amount of support available varies from school to school. For this reason, we recommend contacting your child’s school directly.

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