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Lucy Holmes

Lucy has taught English for fifteen years. She graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in the History of Art and Italian before spending time abroad in Japan and Italy. During her five years in London, she worked as a researcher at the Guinness Book of Records, a Production Assistant at a subtitling company and in HR at the Japanese Embassy. She writes for Oxford University Press and Macmillan, and has self-published a teacher resource book: Talking Images: idioms. Now, living in Oxford with her dog and three children, she’s into running, drawing, travelling and all things Japanese.

Easter Arts and Crafts: Fantastic Ideas to Try at Home!

The holidays are fast-approaching and you’re fresh out of ideas. Fear not! We’re here to help you make some seasonal arts and crafts with your family!

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Recycle Awareness Week. Get With The Programme! Your Child With Thank You For It

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Child Benefit In The UK - How Much, When And Who Gets What?

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How Long Does It Take Before I Can Start Teaching With GoStudent?

Thinking about becoming a tutor for GoStudent? It couldn’t be easier and might not take as long as you think to go through the checks and get started.

A Guide to the Solihull Approach + A List of Online Courses

You’re having challenging times with your child. You’ve tried everything! We get it. But the Solihull Approach may just be worth a try!

A Level Timetable 2022 - Be Prepared This Exam Season

Your A-Levels: they feel like the most momentous, potentially life-changing moment of your life so far. But fear not, we’re here to help!

The Terrific and the Terrible! - A Parents' Guide to Tweens

If your child is around the age of ten, congratulations! You’re now a member of the Tween Parenting Club. Here’s some info and advice you’ll need.

Is Free-Range Parenting for You? Find Out Whether It's Fantastic or Flawed!

There are many ways to parent. There is no right way. Just the right way for you and your family. See if your way fits into the free-range parenting method.