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Jen Goggins

Jen is a GoStudent learning expert and mom of one who focuses on Montessori education, child-directed learning, and building a growth mindset. She has a Master’s degree in teaching and over a decade of experience in both traditional and Montessori schools. She knows that kids learn best when they are given the freedom to make choices and take ownership of their studies. She is here for you to help you grow your child’s  independence! 

4 Signs Your Child is an Empath

Find out whether your child is an empath, and how to handle them if so. Plus, actionable tips for parenting your highly sensitive child.

Ways to Show Your Child the Wonder of Nature

Find out how to teach your child to love and respect nature. Plus, why spending time in nature helps kids at school!

What are the Types of Emotional Intelligence?

How can you as a parent discover emotional intelligence in students? We have the best advice ready for you!

What Are the Top Critical Thinking Skills Students Should Master?

What is critical thinking? How can students learn critical thinking skills? Find out the best ways to teach your child to think critically.

Best Ways for Parents to Learn From Their Mistakes

Is it okay to make mistakes as a parent? How can you learn from mistakes and move on? Dive into the top mistakes parents make and how to make them right.

Simple Summer Learning Activities

Learning doesn’t stop in summer! These simple activities will keep your kids engaged and learning all summer long.

How to Successfully Raise a Child as a Single Parent

Find out how to survive and thrive as a single parent in 2021.

Easy Ways to Teach Your Child to Love the Earth (Try Today!)

Learn how to encourage ecologic consciousness in children of all ages. Find out how to help your child to love the planet!

How to Teach Your Child Self-Discipline (And Why It's So Important!)

Find out the best ways to teach self-discipline to your child, plus why students need self-discipline in school and at home.

Best YouTube Channels for Learning a New Language

Find out the top YouTube channels for learning a new language. How to get started, how to be fluent, and all the cultural tips you need before you travel

Top 5 GoStudent Emojis and What They Really Mean

Find out the real meaning behind the most commonly used GoStudent emojis from our blog. Are you interpreting them incorrectly?

How To Teach Your Kid To Learn From Mistakes

Kids can learn from their mistakes with the right guidance. Get tips to help your child deal with and learn from failure.

4 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Learning a New Language

Learning a new language can be scary, but don’t let fear get in the way. Learn the best ways to overcome your fear of learning a new language this year.

The Top 5 Reasons Learning a Foreign Language is Important

Find out the top reasons your child needs to learn a foreign language. Learn how a second language improves academic performance and keeps you young!

Top 5 Brain Foods for Passing Exams

What are the top foods kids need to eat so they can pass exams? These brain foods will help with studying and memory. Plus the foods kids should avoid!