Learn a New Language with YouTube- Top Language Learning Channels


  1. Tips for learning a language on YouTube
  2. Best YouTube channels for learning a new language

You likely already know the benefits of learning a new language: challenging your mind, improving your career prospects, and the ability to interact with different people and cultures.  

However, learning a foreign language can feel daunting and an insurmountable challenge.  In our modern world though, there are plenty of resources out there to help you in your language learning journey, including one you probably already use for entertainment! 

YouTube is home to many creators that can help you learn a new language. GoStudent is here with the ultimate list of channels to help you get started on learning a new language.canali-youtube

Tips for learning a language on YouTube 


YouTube has many channels that can help you learn a new language. However, not all the channels may be effective for learning. Here’s how to make sure your time learning a language on YouTube is well-spent:

  • Try several different channels, rather than the one with the most views or subscribers. All teachers have different approaches, and you want to learn from one whose teaching style aligns well with your learning style.
  • Have a look at the channel’s playlists to see what topics they cover. Are you looking to improve your pronunciation, or just learn the language basics? You may have to search a bit to find videos that meet your needs.
  • Diversify the videos you watch. To become fluent in a language, it can be helpful to be exposed to many different accents.

Use YouTube to deepen your understanding

If you already have a basic understanding of a language, watching videos and films in that language is a valuable next step towards fluency. You don’t have to head to the international section of Netflix, though–YouTube has many useful videos, too!

With YouTube, you can watch clips from news outlets, vlogs from influencers, film reviews, or beauty tutorials–anything that matches your interests! This can help you learn more vocabulary and get a better sense of the natural way of speaking the language. 

Learn more about the intersection of language and culture on YouTube

If you’re planning a trip to a place where your new language is spoken, having a deeper understanding of that nation’s culture can aid your language learning. This is also a great way to learn how to pronounce the names of cities and towns, as well as increase your vocabulary of words related to travel. 


Best YouTube channels for learning a new language


YouTube is great because of its many options, but sorting through all the language learning channels can be overwhelming! Here are GoStudent’s picks for the best ones to check out. 

YouTube channels with many languages 

  • Easy Languages: This channel has loads of choices, making it a great watch for those who are still determining what language they want to learn.
  • Language Pod 101: This is another YouTube channel with choices for many languages. If you’d like to learn more than one language, you might like to choose from Language Pod 101 because the format is similar across languages.

Learn Japanese on YouTube

  • Nihongonomori: This channel is good for intermediate learners. The videos are all in Japanese and the text uses Japanese characters.
  • JapanesePod101: This is a great option for beginners, but also has videos suited to intermediate and advanced students.

Learn Italian on YouTube

  • Italy Made Easy: This well-like channel has beginner lessons sprinkled with humour. There are also travel tips and cultural information on Italy, so it’s a perfect choice if you’re planning an Italian holiday!
  • Sgrammaticando: This channel is at an intermediate level and is a great choice for students ready to level up their study of Italian.

Learn German on YouTube

Learn French on YouTube

  • Français Authentique: This is great for non-native speakers who already have a solid foundation in French and are looking to perfect the language. Everything is created by native speakers to make it truly authentic. 
  • Learn French with Alexa: This channel has lessons for beginners in a friendly, conversational tone.

Learn Mandarin Chinese on YouTube

  • Yoyo Chinese: This is good for beginners, with in-depth pronunciation guides and a series for the ‘phrase of the day’ to teach conversational usage. 

Learn Spanish on YouTube

  • Why Not Spanish? This channel is great for any level. The videos are mostly in Spanish, with a focus on grammar and practising conversations.

Learn Korean on YouTube

  • Talk to me in Korean: This has lessons suitable for beginners as well as information about Korean culture.
  • Go! Billy Korean: This channel offers a unique perspective: the instructor learned Korean as an adult, so he has first-hand knowledge of the challenges of learning Korean

Get inspired by YouTube polyglots

A polyglot is someone who speaks multiple languages. These channels offer a great perspective and insight into the benefits of language learning. 

  • Luca Lampariello: He knows an impressive ten languages and shares tips on effective language learning.
  • Benny Lewis: Benny is another polyglot who will inspire you to try to learn more languages.

YouTube is an excellent resource to learn a new language, but one-to-one tutoring can help take your language learning to a new level. GoStudent’s personalised tutoring can give you the edge to expand your language skills. 

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