5 Summer Learning Myths Explained


  1. Schools shut down for a good reason
  2. Summer tutoring
  3. Kids need to rest
  4. Summer break helps kids do better in school
  5. Kids don't want to learn during summer
  6. The truth


Schools out for summer! Time for kids to stop learning, rest and recharge, right? Not so fast. 

We often think summer is a much needed break for kids, but that’s a myth. Learning cannot and should not stop in the summer. Let’s go through some common myths about summer learning and uncover the truth.

woman on sun lounger next to her child doing summer tutoring online

Myth #1: Schools shut down for a good reason


Why do schools close in the summer? Some say it’s a holdover from kids helping with the farm, but it may truly be because of the heat. Back in the day, schools were dangerously hot during summer weather. 🔥 Nowadays, there is really no reason to stop learning for such a large chunk of time.

Some schools do continue year round, but most still follow the same old schedule they always have. You can’t change that, but you can modernise your child’s education by continuing the learning during the summer months!


Myth #2: Summer tutoring is only for students who are behind


Students who are behind in school certainly need some summer tutoring, but they aren’t the only ones! All students will benefit from some extra learning time this summer.

Summer learning helps prevent skill loss that occurs. Did you know that almost all students lose a month or two of learning over the summer?! 😱 This is preventable with once or twice a week tutoring sessions. 

Students can use the summer to study their favourite subjects or advance their academic skills even further.


Myth #3: Kids need to rest over summer break 


Nope! Kids’ brains are always growing, so they always need stimulation and learning. 🧠 They will enjoy the rest that comes from not needing to get up and go to school everyday, but that doesn’t mean the learning should stop. 

You can make it interesting by letting your child choose what they want to learn about. And summer is a great time to do lots of outdoor learning, which is great for kids’ minds and bodies! Try writing maths problems in chalk or conducting science experiments outside. 


Myth #4: Summer break helps kids do better in school


This is actually very false. 👎🏾 You may have heard of summer slide, the idea that kids lose some of their academic skills over the summer. Research shows that this is a real thing, and I can tell you from 12 years in the classroom that it certainly affects even the best students! 

While there are benefits to having time off school, the length of summer break makes it difficult for retaining information that kids learned during the school year. 


Myth #5: Kids don’t want to learn during the summer


Do kids want to sit inside all summer writing vocabulary words? No, likely not. But summer learning can be fun! Kids are naturally curious and love exploring, so take advantage of the time off school to find some exciting ways to boost their academic success!

  • Educational cartoons are great for when you need some quiet time indoors 📺
  • Help your child find interesting online classes to explore 💻
  • Learn some maths games to play as a family 🔢
  • Create or join a summer reading challenge: how many books can you read before school resumes? 📚

The truth: Summer tutoring with GoStudent keeps kids on track


Now that you know how important it is to keep learning during the summer, it’s time to take action to make sure your child is set up for summer success. A simple, affordable option is online tutoring

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