Top 5 GoStudent Emojis and What They Really Mean



1. Why does everyone use emojis?

2. Benefits of emojis

3. Top GoStudent emojis and their meanings


👉🔥 🤔  Do you ever wonder what all the emojis mean in our blogs? I’ve got the answers you need! Plus, did you know that emojis can actually be useful?



Why does everyone use emojis?


If you’ve seen anything on the Internet, you’ve certainly seen emojis - those little pictures of a smiling face, a person, perhaps even a food item or an animal. You likely use some yourself, don’t you? (Fair warning though, according to young people the ones you’re using probably show your age! 🙊)

Love them or hate them, emojis are not going away any time soon. In fact, new ones are created every day! They are so popular that researchers have been studying them to see how they affect our communication.


Benefits of emojis


  • Emojis lighten the mood! Sometimes it can be difficult to understand a person’s tone through a text or email. Emojis help get the right message across.

  • Emojis convey an emotion that is difficult to show through text, so they are a great aid to communication on the internet. 

  • Emojis maintain a casual tone, which is needed at some times. But not at all times, so be sure your child avoids emojis in their school papers! 

Top GoStudent emojis and their meanings


There are more than 2,000 emojis available, but a select few are used frequently by our writers. Let’s take a look at the top choices.


✅ Checkmark


Checkmarks are a commonly used emoji because they are so versatile! We use them often for creating lists and highlighting tips and tricks. When you see a checkmark, you know the information is worth a read!


🤔 Thinking face


Our blog topics address some of the big questions parents have about their child’s education and development. You’ll often see the thinking face emoji to highlight a question or point of interest in a blog post. 


💪 Flexed biceps


The flexed biceps emoji is widely used to show confidence and a can-do attitude. We use it to help encourage your child to work hard and to show you what is possible!


👉 Pointing finger


The pointing index finger says, "look at this"! It’s used to point out (get it? 😉) important information that you need.


🔥 Fire


When you see the fire emoji, you know what follows is a hot tip that you don’t want to miss.


Bonus emoji: the rocket 🚀


At GoStudent, we love the rocket emoji! It symbolises growth and progress, plus it’s exciting...exactly the way we feel about your child’s learning. Our tutoring sessions will take your student from 🤔 to 💪! Book a trial lesson today!

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