The Top 5 Reasons Learning a Foreign Language is Important


  1. For the future
  2. Improve brain power
  3. Increase emotional intelligence
  4. Improve academic performance
  5. Expand your worldview
  6. How to learn a language

Does learning a second language make you smarter? Do you really need to learn another language to be successful? Yes and yes! Let’s look at the top 5 reasons learning a foreign language is a must.

Did you know that most people in the UK don’t speak a second language? 😮Don’t allow your child to become one of them! Take advantage of extra time during the summer to dive into learning a second language.

Learning a second (or third 😎) language is very beneficial for your child’s academic progress, career options, and even their mental health! Take a look at the easiest and most difficult languages to learn according to the FSI:Hardest-languages-to-learn

Learning a new language is great for your future


When you are fluent in a foreign language, travel becomes much easier. You can easily travel to or even live in another country when you know you can understand and be understood. Keep your options open by learning a language now!

And the more languages you know, the broader your career options become. Many fields are always in need of someone who can speak more than English!

  • Politics: Having politicians, ambassadors, and more who speak world languages is required for proper diplomacy between nations.
  • Medicine: doctors, nurses, emergency personnel...all these fields need people who can speak the language of their patients
  • Translation: translators are always in need in every field!

The UK desperately needs more people who speak foreign languages. No matter the career you want, you’ll benefit from having learnt a foreign language. 

🤔 What foreign language should you study? Experts’ top answers are Arabic, Spanish and German. They are often well-paid positions and are certainly in high demand.


Improve your brain power with a second language


Learning a foreign language is like exercise for your brain! 🏋🏽‍♀️ 🧠 Studies have shown that learning a new language 'slows brain ageing' and helps keep your brain sharp. 

The work of learning to speak and read in a new language improves brainpower. You’ll be able to think faster and may even end up with a higher IQ. 


Increase your emotional intelligence as you increase your language skills 


It’s not just good for your brain! Learning a foreign language has emotional benefits as well. 🥰

When you are fluent enough that you can think in your second language, you can become better at decision making. This is because you don’t have as many emotional responses to your thoughts when you use your non-native language. So it’s easier to make logical decisions and have more confidence in your choices. 

You’ll also be better able to relate to others when you speak more than one language. This will help with personal and work relationships.


A second language can improve your academic performance 


Aside from the higher IQ, you’ll also gain cognitive flexibility by learning a new language. That means you will be able to think more creatively and will have an easier time learning new skills in school. Students who learn foreign languages tend to do better overall. 👨🏽‍🎓

Plus, many school subjects are based in other languages, so you’ll have a deeper understanding of the content if you know that language. Once you know two languages, it’s simpler to add a third language (or even more!) because you have a foundational understanding of how languages work.


Being bilingual will expand your worldview 


Learning a new language usually includes learning about the culture of the people who speak that language. When you have more cultural awareness, you gain a global perspective that universities and employers look for. 🌍

You’ll also have more ability to travel and relate to people from other backgrounds than your own.


How to learn a new language


The best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in it as much as possible. We can’t all live elsewhere, but luckily there are great options online! You can learn from YouTube, podcasts, apps - even through music! A great way to learn a new language is through one-on-one lessons with a private tutor. 

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