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Connie Kulis-Page

Connie is a British copywriter and independent artist. She spent her childhood in the UK before travelling and teaching in East Asia and now lives in beautiful Vienna with her husband and boston terrier. With a first class degree in contemporary performance, she believes that creativity and play are integral to a successful education and indeed a happy life. She spends her free time in galleries, up mountains, wandering in the wild and slurping coffee with close friends.

International Day of Mathematics: 5 Ways You Use Maths in Everyday Life

Fall in love with maths by understanding the role it plays in your everyday life and get ready to celebrate International Day of Mathematics 2022.

Student House Decorating on a Budget: Where and What to Shop

Enjoy this complete how-to guide on making the most of your student space – including top tips on how to budget and the best decoration hacks around!

10 of the World’s Most Famous Female Poets

Take a look at the rich history of poetry and learn about ten of the world’s most famous female poets that stand behind this ancient art form.

Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month! An Overview of LGBTQ+ History in the UK

See what LGBT+ History Month is all about and get an overview of LGBTQ+ history in the UK so you can discuss and celebrate its importance with your child.

Do Private Tutors in the UK Need to Pay Tax?

Do private tutors in the UK need to pay tax? The answer is, yes. The amount will depend on your overall employment situation and income. Find out more here!

How to Get an Enhanced DBS Certificate: A Step-By-Step Guide

All UK GoStudent tutors are required to undergo an enhanced DBS check so let's take a look at how to get an enhanced DBS certificate in this step-by-step guide.

Why Learn to Dance? 5 Really Good Reasons

In this age of technology and distance learning what good is dance to kids? Why learn to dance at all? Read on for all the reasons and more!

Why Learn to Draw? Here Are the Top 5 Reasons

Is drawing an important part of a child's emotional and academic development? Read our top five reasons that answer the question: ‘why learn to draw?’

Co-ed or Single-Sex Schools: Which Is Better for My Child?

Read the pros and cons of co-education versus single-sex schools and understand what the research says about which is better for children’s development.

Inspiring Inquisitive Minds: The 10 Best Non-fiction Texts for Kids

What’s the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts? Find the answer here as well as our inspiring list of the 10 best non-fiction texts for kids.

Which Are the Best Arts Foundation Courses in the UK and Why?

Find out what arts foundation courses are all about, how to work out which one is best for your child and what they can expect after completing one.

Same-Sex Parenting: What Does It Look Like and How Does It Work?

What is same-sex parenting, how many same-sex couples are parenting in the UK and what impact does it have on children? Find the answers and more here.

Uh-Oh, I Have No GCSEs, What Can I Do?

My child has no GCSEs, what can they do? Find the answers and much more in this “parent’s guide to the best next steps” from GoStudent.

Pursuing a Creative Career: What Jobs Can You Get With a Fine Arts Degree?

What jobs can you get with a fine arts degree? Find the answer and more insights into the realities of pursuing a career in the creative industries here.

Top 20 Artists from the UK That Every Kid Should Know About

Calling all art-lovers! Discover who has made it onto the list of “top 20 artists from the UK that every kid should know about” according to GoStudent.