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Connie Kulis-Page

Connie is a British copywriter and independent artist. She spent her childhood in the UK before travelling and teaching in East Asia and now lives in beautiful Vienna with her husband and boston terrier. With a first class degree in contemporary performance, she believes that creativity and play are integral to a successful education and indeed a happy life. She spends her free time in galleries, up mountains, wandering in the wild and slurping coffee with close friends.

COVID-19 at School: My Child Has Tested Positive! What Should I Do?

COVID-19 at school: what parents need to know. The latest information on restrictions in schools and how to care for your child if they test positive.

How to Write the Perfect Essay: A Step-By-Step Guide for Students

Writing great essays takes practice. Check out the GoStudent step-by-step guide to writing the perfect essay for their top tips and helpful insights.

An Intro to Google Classroom: Top Tips and Tricks for Tutors

Enjoy GoStudent’s introduction to Google Classroom for teachers – filled with top tips and tricks to ensure you and your students get the most out of it.

Meat-Free School Dinners: What Do Parents Need to Know?

UK primary schools will serve 3.1 million meat-free school dinners within the next 12 months, so what’s driving this change and is it good for our kids?

Revision Top Tips: How to Create the Best Revision Flashcards

Flashcards are one of the best revision strategies. Let’s take a look at how to create the best revision cards so you can maximise your revision time.

How to Become a GoStudent Tutor: Follow These Five Easy Steps

GoStudent tutors enjoy freedom, flexibility and students on tap, so let's take a look at how to become a GoStudent tutor in this step-by-step guide.

School Holidays 2022 in the UK: All Four Nations at a Glance

A parent’s guide to UK school holidays 2022/2023. Parents in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can put these dates in their calendars.

10 Flexible Jobs That Work Around School Hours

GoStudent’s top tips on how to find jobs that work around school hours. Read on for advice on what to look for, a list of suitable job roles and much more.

‘Political Impartiality’ in the Classroom- A Parent’s Guide

A parent’s guide to the new government guidelines on political impartiality in the classroom. Helpful and open-minded or unclear and scare-mongering?

CBD: What Parents Need to Know. Is Cannabidiol Safe for Kids?

CBD: What parents need to know. An in-depth guide to the latest information on CBD, what it does, its medicinal use and whether or not it's safe for kids.

A Guide for New Stepparents: How to Build a Happy Blended Family

Read our guide for new stepparents which includes common problems and how to overcome them as well as top tips on how to build a happy blended family.

How Long Does It Take To Learn a Language? A Guide to FSI Language Ranking

How long does it take to learn a language? Read on for the answer as well as an expert guide to the FSI language difficulty ranking system.

How to Be Supportive: Top Tips for Parents of University Students

Read our how-to guide to supporting your child through university. Check out our top tips for parents of university students for insights, inspo and more!

4 Easy Ways to Start Talking to Your Teen About Sex

Despite best efforts, sex education in the UK is woefully missing the mark. Read on for top tips on how to handle conversations about sex with your teen.

Which Instrument is Best for Children to Learn and Why?

Which instrument is best for children to learn and why? Take a look at what musical ability is all about and how to help your child choose an instrument.